Why We Love The Modern & Organic Lloyd’s Inn Bali

Lively and largely full of trendy millennials.

Why we love this: The newest addition to one our favorite boutique hotel brands, Lloyd’s Inn Bali is a unique and affordable new addition to the Double Six area. Fortified with new facilities like a spa, a bistro, and a rooftop pool, the new property in Bali takes everything we loved about the original in Singapore, and amps it up into a fabulous leisure destination. 

Suitable For: Millennials, couples, friend groups, backpackers.

Lloyd's Inn Bali
Nadia in Big Sky Room. Photo: Nadia Cho

The Hotel:

The new Lloyd’s Inn Bali sports the brand’s signature ultra-minimalist design blended with natural green flora. Clean white slates overlap with soft tropical palms to create an ambience that’s at once modern and organic. The architectural structure of the property is beautiful, made of graceful, spiraling gray walls connected by the smooth, undulating Sky Bridge in the middle. 

The rooms are clean and fuss-free. The raw textures of the cement and wood contrast harmoniously with the all-white furnishings. There’s an undeniable sense of calm derived from the pristine, reductive design of the rooms. A wide selection of room types is available to choose from, with lots of options for different outdoor spaces and larger room sizes. The Big Sky and Big Garden rooms feature a soaking tub outside in the garden and a patio that’s just as beautifully furnished as the interior. Each room features convenient amenities like coffee, tea, kettle, branded slippers, and a Lloyd’s Inn’s very own floral print robe. 

Lloyd’s Inn Bali is a lot bigger than the Singapore property with many more stylish communal spaces where guests can hang out. The rooftop pool is definitely a scene for the cool kids. The long extended lap pool is lined with sunbeds, underwater hammocks, and lounge chairs floating above the water. It’s a hip spot where you can easily splash and socialize with other guests. The Hideout on the second floor is a zen haven of bean bags with a pantry and views looking out to the neighboring rooftops. There’s also plenty of sitting areas and large rattan swings around the lobby to appreciate the sleek architecture and design.

The Experience:

The hotel is lively and largely full of trendy millennials. Public areas are always buzzing with guests coming back from the beach, lounging at the pool, or going out to the many bars around Seminyak. It’s the perfect place to stay for a fun getaway with friends or for backpackers looking to splurge on something more swish than usual. The mix of younger crowds and communal spaces creates quite a unique hotel experience. It’s pretty easy to socialize with fellow guests and feels like an elevated coliving facility rather than a traditional hotel. 

Lloyd’s Inn is tucked away in the bustling Double Six area south of Seminyak. It’s a half-an-hour walk to Seminyak’s hottest nightlife spots like Motel Mexicola, La Favela, and Potato Head Beach Club. The main thoroughfare next to the hotel tends to be very touristy, but there are lots of close options for shopping and eating. Double Six Beach is also right next door, so it’s easy to get in time on the sand or surfing the waves. It’s also just a 30-minute car ride to and from the airport, which the hotel is able to set up for just 250,000 IRD. 

Overall, Lloyd’s Inn Bali is buzzing with a lot more activity than the Singapore location, but it still retains the same minimalist sense of calm and inherent connection to nature. There’s no beating Lloyd’s signature cutting-edge urban flora design. Wherever your eyes land, every part of the property is sleek, simple, and graceful. It’s the perfect mid-range boutique hotel with gorgeous design that Seminyak needed.

Opeum Bistro:

Opeum Bistro, located on the ground-level atrium, is so yummy that even guests who aren’t staying at the hotel will be motivated to come in and dine there. Executive Chef and Singapore Masterchef finalist, Sharon Gonzago, has created an addictively tasty menu which guests will be happy to devour at all times of the day. The menu is packed with the perfect casual bites that people crave after the beach. Think Shrimp Tostadas, Nasi Goreng Embe, and Pizza with Homemade Fennel Sausage. Be sure to also order the Soft-Crab Chilli Burger on a charcoal bun at least once!

Canopy Spa:

One of the biggest perks of staying at Lloyd’s Inn Bali is Canopy Spa, which is located on the top floor above the pool. Jaws will drop when you see how affordable treatments on the spa menu are. At Canopy Spa, it’s possible to get a 60-minute massage for just 250,000 IRD and almost all treatments on the menu cost less than 500,000 IRD. The spa is bright and airy, adorned with dozens of leafy plants throughout that give it a peaceful greenhouse feel. The freshest tropical scents like lemongrass and hibiscus are used in treatments. There’s nothing like going back and sinking into an indulgent spa treatment after a day of hitting the waves. And with such affordable treatment prices, you’ll definitely find yourself at Canopy Spa more than once throughout your stay.

Nadia Cho

Communications Associate

As the empowered female behind the blog: International Women of Mystery, Nadia reps Team JST traveling the world in search of exclusive features on hidden gems and cool hotspots. You can find her exploring metropolitan cities or lounging on tropical beaches.

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