Understated Cool At Hotel QUOTE Is Made For Millennials 

Hotel Quote is where you won’t overpay but still gain a unique experience.

Hotel Quote Taipei exterior

A few months ago, I was walking on Nanjing E Rd after a dentist appointment in Taipei. My mother and I were window shopping and suddenly, a mystic door leading to what seemed like a chic lounge captured my eyes. We peeked inside. “This place was really cool,” I thought. Of course, as every passionate hotel-fanatic does, I snapped a photo and quickly posted on Instagram. Immediately, people were asking where this hotel was.

Courtesy: Instagram

When Jetset Times was invited to stay at the hotel during our #HotelSeries in Taipei, I got a chance to chat with the PR team behind this sophisticated joint. Hotel QUOTE is a sign that Taipei is catering to a rising demographic of travelers: the millennials who agree free Wi-Fi is not a luxury, it’s a must. They prefer smaller boutique gems over commercial chains. They indulge in a bar with character, not one boasting obnoxious attitudes. Most importantly, they know exactly what they want. They won’t overpay but will do so for unique experiences.

Check out why this new hotspot might be “it” for you.

1. Waterscape bar on the first floor is spot on.

Located on the first floor, 333 Bar is also a restaurant. But of course, we fell in love with the bar instantly. A fantastic selection of beers, cocktails. Though decor and lighting are icing on the cake. You’ll see embossed metal plates and mirrors at the ceiling and the walls, get to chill out on vintage European furniture. Tasty!

Hotel Quote Taipei bar

2. Their mascot is pretty darn cute.

Meet H.Q. Baby

Hotel Quote Taipei mascot

3. Second floor’s H.Q. lounge has awesome quirky takeaways.

It’s pretty normal for hotels to give away free bottles of water, mini shampoos, body lotion. But head to the second floor in Hotel QUOTE, they’ve got candy jars, bath salt, sewing kits that you can typically snag in your luggage at five-star hotels.

Hotel QUOTE Taipei


Hotel Quote Taipei takeaways

4. Understated design oozes major cool factor.

Say goodbye to exaggerated crystal chandeliers, massive lobby supported by glamorous marble floors. QUOTE emphasizes on modern mood. Expect dark stone flooring, wood rain ceiling, baked enamel glass wall, and a light-colored stone counter. No, this is not our grandmothers’ hotel, it completely speaks to us.

This is the first hotel designer Ray Chen (陳瑞憲) has ever taken on. His brilliance became globally recognizable after the success of Taipei’s Eslite bookstore known as the first bookstore in the country opened for 24 hours, attracting night readers.

Hotel Quote Taipei interior

5. OSIM massage service is on the house!

Never mind the free Wi-Fi and an in-room Nespresso machine, Hotel QUOTE takes it up a notch by offering free OSIM services.

Hotel Quote Taipei OSIM massage

6. If it’s a SLH Hotel…

You know it’s going to be good! SLH is known for its international collection of boutique hotels delivering authentic lodging experiences. You can expect a certain standard of service, design and amenities. Hotel QUOTE is definitely not exempt.

Hotel Quote design

7. Smart use of space for smart travelers like us.

How did we not feel cramped in a 22 x 6.5 square meter room? The usage of mirrors enlarges the living space which surprisingly didn’t feel suffocating. Desks in the rooms are designed longer than the norm for those who need a more working space. Curtains also stylishly separate the shower and the hallway. Forget Pinterest! They gave us better and more creative ideas on utilizing confined living spaces.

Hotel Quote Taipei room

Wendy Hung


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