This Berlin Hotel Is Minimalist Comfort At Its Finest

Looking to experience that world famous German efficiency in a hotel?

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Photo: Nadia Cho

Looking to experience that world famous German efficiency in a hotel?

Hotel Otto in Berlin seamlessly delivers maximum comfort and relaxation through flawless execution. Located in the heart of the fashionable neighborhood of Charlottenburg, Hotel Otto packs a lot of punch for a small independent hotel.

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Photo: Nadia Cho

Hotel Otto opened in 2006 and is owned by a family from the Black Forest in Southern Germany. Otto was the father-in-law of the current director, Rita Müller, and was the first in the family to move to Berlin, hence the hotel is named after him. The hotel is located in what used to be an apartment building in the 50s and has been refurbished and renovated many times since, making it the polished, immaculate establishment that it is today.

The design of the hotel is very minimalist, sleek but super comfortable at the same time. The design concept is “maximum comfort complemented by contemporary design,” which Hotel Otto definitely delivers, with chic, clean black furniture mixed with bright, happy jewel tones to bring every space to life.

Hotel Otto Lounge
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At the hotel you get the feeling that all your needs are being taken care of in the simplest, most efficient way. No frills and no time wasted. As the lovely operations manager, Mihai Cucu, tells us:

The style is pretty minimalistic and we’re trying to do everything pretty straightforward, so nothing that isn’t functional or doesn’t have use. We’re pretty focused on details but nothing too extravagant or luxurious or anything. We want everything to be clean and neat. And that’s also our attitude toward our guests. We have a really personal approach. We try to fulfill all the wishes of our guests.

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Photo: Nadia Cho

The service team is incredibly approachable, friendly and ready to resolve your needs as quick as possible. The staff creates an ambience that is tranquil and comforting. It’s a very different experience from staying at an extravagant, pampering luxury hotel, however one feels just as well rested and closely attended to at Hotel Otto. It’s no wonder that the hotel placed 2nd place for service in Germany with TripAdvisor last year and continues to win accolades for their excellent, high quality service.

Charlottenburg is the perfect neighborhood to stay for those who wish to avoid loud, crowded tourist traps around the city center. The area is quiet, clean and absolutely beautiful. From the hotel one is just 15 minutes away from the western entrance of Tiergarten and another 20 minutes away from majestic Charlottenburg Palace along the river. Between the hotel and charming Savignyplatz, one has no shortage of choices of pretty restaurants to dine in. It’s a fashionable and classy neighborhood with chic cafés, trendy shops and many diverse dining options from Indian to Chilean to Italian.

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Photo: Nadia Cho

It’s also nice because there’s a lot of locals who live here and also go to all these restaurants. There are also tourists but we don’t have that touristy feel you have in other places. It’s more of a sit-down place, more laidback. And also the median age of the people is a little higher but it’s nice. So if you’re looking for a culinary trip it’s definitely the right place.

Although the hotel doesn’t have an in-house restaurant, the breakfast lounge on the 7th floor more than makes up for it. The lounge at the top of the building is bright and sunny with an outdoor terrace where one can have breakfast next to an awesome view. Breakfast itself is impressive at Hotel Otto with a wide range of delicious breads, pastries, cured meats, smoked fish, cheeses, yogurts, spreads, fruits and juices. The hotel also offers complimentary coffee, tea and cake in the lounge during the afternoon, which is the perfect time and place to catch up on work on your laptop or take a break from tourist-ing.

Photo: Nadia Cho

With top notch design and high quality service at affordable prices, Hotel Otto offers visitors a relaxing and comfortable stay in Berlin.

We don’t have that many complex operations here but the ones we do we want to do them perfectly, as best as we can. And we manage to do that really well right now. We have this great team and we try to keep going, keep the standard going and personally approach the guests.

For more information and booking, visit Hotel Otto’s website.

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