How Hakkasan Shanghai Defines Modern Cantonese Cuisine On The Bund

The way we make the wagyu is we sous-vide it and then we sear it.

Hakkasan is synonymous with tantalizing luxury dining around the world. This is no less the case for Hakkasan Shanghai, where a modern Cantonese feast awaits along with a spectacular view of the iconic Bund. 

Hakkasan is renowned for its artistically elevated Cantonese cuisine. Many spectators were at first doubtful of the restaurant brand’s move into Shanghai. As a modern Cantonese restaurant born out of London, it was going to be a clear challenge for the brand to impress Chinese diners and their native culinary tastes. 

“We’re a Cantonese restaurant but we’re the only in a Chinese-speaking country. In some ways, we are bringing the food back to its roots. That’s always a really fun challenge for us to tackle because we’re serving Chinese food to a Chinese audience via the ways of London. That’s always a little bit interesting. That is what makes this particular venue unique.” -Ingrid Hu, Marketing Manager 


Hakkasan Shanghai
Dining room. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Hakkasan dining room. PHOTO Nadia Cho

The Shanghai location has all of the brand’s signature dishes such as the Australian wagyu beef salad, crispy Peking duck with imperial caviar, and silver cod with champagne and honey. There’s also a section of Locally Inspired items, which provides an opportunity for each branch’s executive chefs to showcase local flavors and ingredients. The Only At Bund 18 menu includes indulgent mains like the wok-fry Cantonese style pigeon and the Sea treasure pouch with caviar and abalone, which you won’t find at any other Hakkasan in the world.  The proximity to regional Chinese cuisines and food traditions makes this location much more innovative and exciting than others. Guests at Hakkasan Shanghai can taste new seasonal menus during every major festival, such as hairy crab during the mid-autumn festival which guests can personally whack open and play with at the table.  

“Hakkasan essentially is a modern Cantonese restaurant. What we mean by modern is in terms of presentation, as well as ingredients and cooking techniques. We focus on Cantonese because the techniques are very traditional and we add a little bit of a modern touch to it. A signature that you are able to find in every Hakkasan is the Wagyu Beef Salad. The way we make the wagyu is we sous-vide it and then we sear it. This technique is very westernized, but all these ingredients are essentially Chinese. So that dish is a modern Cantonese dish.”

Hakkasan Shanghai
Vegetarian dim sum platter. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Sesame prawn toast with foie gras. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Osmanthus Australian Wagyu rib eye beef. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Crispy Peking duck with imperial caviar. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Cantonese BBQ Pork Platter. PHOTO Nadia Cho

On top of excellent cuisine, Hakkasan is a multi-sensory dining experience. It’s the element of spectacle which attracts people to Hakkasan the world over. The brand is all about cinematic, in-your-face glamour. From taking in the glimmering decadent space, to being surrounded by sexy people and music, to indulging in a banquet fit for royals, dining at Hakkasan captures all of the senses. 

“Hakkasan was founded on the foundation that we want to create a multi-sensorial experience. We want to curate an experience that as soon as guests walk in the door, they’re transformed into a different world. The vibe, the view, the whole scene is very different, rather cinematic actually. we want everything from the guest’s touch, to the smell of everything, to the food we see to come together and come alive underneath our roof. There’s a Chinese saying. In order to create a dish, the color, the scent and the flavor has to all align. We want to transport our guests into another world to forget the hustle and bustle. You can either recoupe or just enjoy your company and have a to-see-and-be-seen experience.” 

Not to mention, Hakkasan Shanghai’s fabulous, full-frontal view of The Bund makes it a go-to hotspot for any occasion. The restaurant has been a hit among the city’s natives, expats, and tourists alike, who all come to experience something exciting and marvelous. Hakkasan’s smashing success in Shanghai has given the green light for the brand to expand into other cities in Asia, such as the newest addition in Jakarta. 

For anyone looking for a transcendent and glamorous affair, Hakkasan is a blessing, and Shanghai is no exception. Come experience modern Cantonese cuisine in its most elevated form at Hakkasan Shanghai as part of the swanky Bund 18.

Hakkasan Shanghai
View of The Bund. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Hakkasan Shanghai. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Artisan cocktails. PHOTO Nadia Cho


Hakkasan Shanghai
Artisan cocktail. PHOTO Nadia Cho

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