Green House Kitchen: For Stoners & Health Nuts

Get ready for an exciting new kind of dining experience popping up in Haarlemmerstraat!

Green House Kitchen is a beautiful, charming restaurant on Haarlemmerstraat that’s only a year old, where guests can eat fresh healthy food, have some good wine and also smoke marijuana and other herbs from a vaporizer at their table.

In Holland you can vape in most coffeeshops, but you can’t eat in most coffeeshops. Plus you can’t drink alcohol. You can’t enjoy a nice glass of wine and smoke at the same time, and here you can.

GH Kitchen exterior
Photo: Nadia Cho

Celester Roskam, the lovely owner of Green House Kitchen, wanted to create a new type of dining experience, one where people could enjoy good food and drinks in a nice environment while being able to also enjoy marijuana during their meal. She wanted to offer guests something different from smoking weed and chilling in a coffeeshop, as coffeeshops are often dark and smoky and not as refined.

Smoking joints and eating a nice meal don’t really complement each other. We then started thinking about vaporizers. We didn’t know much about it and then we started learning about it. And then we learned that you can not only do weed but also other dry herbs in vaporizers and that’s where I went, ‘Wow this is the concept!’ Because it’s dry herbs, which are homeopathic, aromatherapy, it’s all natural. You have the good food, you have the good alcohol, organic wines and beers. It was just the complete picture.

GH Kitchen Vape with herbs
Photo: Nadia Cho

As the law in Amsterdam prohibits the sale of marijuana and alcohol in the same establishment, guests can’t buy marijuana at the restaurant and have to bring their own. But that’s no problem at all considering the famous Green House Coffeeshop is literally right next door, and there are multiple coffeeshops down the street on Haarlemmerstraat as well. Guests can run next door to Green House Coffeeshop to pick up their famous Super Lemon Haze and bring it back to Green House Kitchen and use the vaporizers on the tables for free.

The idea of having marijuana complement different foods and flavors is a super exciting gastronomic concept which Green House Kitchen is continuously developing.

GH Kitchen
Photo: Nadia Cho

Some weeds have an earthy flavor, some have more citrus flavors. So if you have an earthy flavor that goes well with meat. If you have a citrus flavor that goes well with fish. We had one night here where we had lots of bloggers and people in the weed industry vape-ing…We set up a whole tasting menu and for each course we’d recommend what kind of weed or what kind of herb would go well with that course. It was a really big success. So now we’re slowly trying to develop a flavor wheel or a form for what kind of herbs would go well with what types of food.

The restaurant also provides guests with dry herbs such as lavender and peppermint which they can smoke through the vaporizer as well. Smoking distinct herbs provides different flavors and aromas that can elevate and influence the taste of the food.

Goat cheese salad with chicken sandwich
Photo: Nadia Cho

At Green House Kitchen the theme is healthy, responsible living. The restaurant serves menus that change with the seasons which feature simple and healthy dishes. One can pop in for breakfast and order eggs, granola, toast with salmon and other yummy items. The restaurant is ideal for lunch as it’s very luminous and sunny during the day, which puts you in the perfect mood for an unbelievably fresh goat cheese salad or a chuck tender with truffle mayo. The dinner menu gets exciting as it consists of small or big plates to share and one has a wide range of options from chorizo to scallops to fish to falafel salad. The restaurant can accommodate guests with any dining restrictions and tries to include options for sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo and raw diets.

Green House Kitchen is also very conscientious of where their ingredients come from and tries to source organic, local products as much as possible.

Green House Kitchen Restaurant2
Photo: Nadia Cho

I am very cautious of where protein comes from, how it’s produced, how it’s been farmed or how it’s been caught. So the meat protein and the poultry come from farms very close by, very local. Everything is locally produced. And it’s stress-free. So it’s not mass farms with the horrible states the animals are kept in. I visited them, I saw the cows and the pigs and the chickens and they have a good life before they’re killed for consumption. And we use fish seasonally because we don’t want to use fish out of the season because it’s not good for the ecosystem. So proteins we’re really good.

The restaurant uses vegetables and other produce seasonally as well, thus the garnishes and sides for the entrees change depending on what’s in season and available.

Green House Kitchen food
Photo: Nadia Cho

This lovely, rustic farmhouse-chic restaurant is definitely worth the visit when traveling in Amsterdam. Smoking marijuana at the table during a nice meal is a unique experience which only a city like Amsterdam can provide.

For more information, visit Green House Kitchen.

Nadia Cho

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