Inside 360 Istanbul: The City’s Trendiest, Most Eclectic Club

In a city that’s dominated by huge mega clubs, 360 offers a more refined dining and clubbing option, plus incredible panoramic views of Istanbul.

360 Istanbul Turkey rooftop
PHOTO 360 Istanbul

Everyone in Istanbul knows that if you’re looking to have a chic night in an upscale location, 360 Istanbul is the place to go. In a city that’s dominated by huge mega clubs, 360 offers a more refined dining and clubbing option, plus incredible panoramic views of Istanbul. With different locations in Beyoğlu, East Moda and Galatasaray Island (360Suada) for the summer, guests can discover different sections of this diverse city through 360’s multiple locations. International celebrities, such as Eva Mendez, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Gianfranco Ferré, the Queen of Spain and many others have made it a point to stop by 360 during their travels to Istanbul. I had an opportunity to spend a couple evenings with Sasha Anton Khan, one of the establishment’s charming and gracious partners, to get a sense of Istanbul’s most cutting-edge entertainment group.

360 is the creation of partners Murat Koray, Emir Uras, Sashah Anton Khan and Mike Norman, who is also the chef that develops the restaurants’ cuisine. The concept behind 360 is that the restaurant/club is an eclectic, innovative one-stop entertainment center, where you can eat, drink, party and do everything in style. Everything is sophisticated and modern without going over the top.

360 Istanbul Turkey view
PHOTO 360 Istanbul


360 Istanbul Turkey tent seating
PHOTO 360 Istanbul

As Sashah explained:

You have almost a 360-degree view, you have a 360-degree menu, and we also have some highlights, like the booths that go around 360 [on the terrace] and a little bit of the design is incorporated, too. And the entertainment is what I call 360 because it´s quite eclectic. We have DJs on the weekend. We got kind of a lounge-y, worldly sound during dinnertime and then the club turns at midnight into house … sometimes we switch it up. Sometimes we may bring in some deep house or even some progressive. And we feature some international DJs … of course we try to be a little bit cutting-edge as well. We keep our customers entertained in different sounds, different DJs that might be coming, adding some spices here and there that keeps you excited without overdoing it.

360 Istanbul Turkey restaurant exterior
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360 Istanbul Turkey outdoor
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The 360 in Beyoğlu is located on the top floor of a discreet, 19th-century building on the busy pedestrian shopping street, Ishtiklal, which actually makes it quite difficult to find at first. But the inconspicuous appearance of the façade gives the restaurant/club a special sense of exclusivity and surprise:

When we first opened up this location for about a year, we didn’t have any signs on the door. We were totally by word of mouth. This isn’t the easiest place to find. The idea about here is that it’s quite unexpected. You come up and all of a sudden you’re over here.

When first stepping inside the building, you’ll find yourself standing in an empty atrium wondering if this is indeed the location for a chic restaurant/club. Then you’ll walk inside an elevator with sleek buttons that’ll transport you to a cool, dimly lit ambient lounge, and at once you’ll know that this is the place to be.

360 Istanbul Turkey outdoor bar
PHOTO 360 Istanbul


360 Istanbul Turkey interior
PHOTO 360 Istanbul

360 functions as a restaurant during lunch and dinner and then turns into a hip nightclub at midnight on the weekends. The interior design is modern, classy and refined, with glass floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies to accentuate the amazing view. Before it turns into a packed nightclub, the place feels lounge-y with the perfect ambience of dim, sexy lighting, cool house music and all types of posh people eating, drinking and mingling.

The restaurant is the perfect place to impress a date, celebrate a birthday, or for any special occasion which calls for great food and a swanky atmosphere. The menu consists of traditional Turkish dishes, such as mezes and dumplings with modern twists and aesthetic pizzazz, as well as highlights of Asian and other international cuisines. One will find an eclectic menu of items, such as red lentil dumplings, duck spring rolls, different types of shish, bulgur beef tartar and slow roasted cherry duck:

The concept is 360, so you start in Istanbul, you travel around the world and you come back to Istanbul. So that entails some touches on the menu but we like to stick to the Turkish sequence of service. So we have these mezes, these small plates to share so they come out and add a little bit of fun to the table. It splits into hots and colds, we have soups and salads, and then we have the main courses, which are special 360 legends, such as the slow roast cherry duck, the lamb confit, and also the filet dorado wrapped in vine leaves. And then we’ve got some very interesting desserts, such as the Chocolate Orgasm or the Death By Chocolate. These are kind of our must-haves.

360 Istanbul Turkey food
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360 Istanbul Turkey dessert
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The 360 location on the Asian side, in the trending neighborhood of East Moda in Kadiköy, sits on top of a hill at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Istanbul. The views from this location look even vaster and more open thanks to its extended terrace and infinity pool. This location tends to attract more local Turks simply due to the fact that the Asian side of the city doesn’t attract as many tourists; although it is currently trending as the hip up-and-coming district of Istanbul that everybody must at least visit.

Finally, the summer-only 360 location on Galatasaray Island in the middle of the Bosporus, 360Suada, has breathtaking views over the water to die for. According to Sashah, nightlife in Istanbul concentrates around the Beyoğlu area in the winter and then moves down to the Bosporus during the summer. If you are lucky to be in vibrant Istanbul during the summer, experiencing 360Suada is a must and a huge pleasure with its offerings of fish-infused dishes, cool house music and tropical island atmosphere.

What you can expect from all 360 locations are amazing 360 views of various parts of Istanbul and a consistent menu in each restaurant, with small seasonal changes throughout the year. The service and management is attentive, cordial and fun. It was an absolute blast hanging out and being attended by the amazing general manager and waiters of 360 Beyoğlu.

360 Istanbul Turkey dessert food
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360 Istanbul Turkey dessert plate
PHOTO 360 Istanbul

During after hours, 360 is one of the trendiest clubs in Istanbul that holds its own alongside other mega clubs, like Reina and Angelique. At midnight, the restaurant rearranges itself and becomes a lively, glamorous nightclub, with top-quality DJs spinning the best of house and electronic music. Internationally renowned DJs, such as Martin Solveig and Borgore have played here and the club also brings in local DJs and musical acts to play. The clientele is sexy, stylish and fun. Both locals and well-heeled travelers congregate to experience part of the legendary nightlife that Istanbul has to offer; and with the sweeping views of the city at night, partying at 360 does not disappoint.

So, if you’re in this magical Turkish city and looking to spend the evening with Istanbul’s finest, stop by any 360 location for dinner, drinks or to party, and you’ll find yourself surely wanting to go back for even more 360 degree worldly entertainment!

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