DJ “Plastik Funk” Talks Post-COVID Music & Touring

After a year and a half of worldwide lockdowns and rigid health restrictions, DJ Plastik Funk joins hundreds of musicians around the world preparing to return to the stage.

During a devastating global pandemic, which seemed to stifle every pleasure and put all plans on hold, music artists took a backseat and waited patiently for the chance to once again perform in front of roaring crowds and to share new music with the world. As one of DJ Magazine’s top 100 DJs, Plastik Funk shared in the collective anticipation of a suddenly idle music industry eager for action during the pandemic.

After numerous livestreamed concerts and new music releases during quarantine, the Germany-based DJ is mapping out an expansive global tour to finally bring music back to his eager fanbase ready to properly celebrate the end of such a trying year. With tour dates set, venues booked, and international vaccination rates driving up ticket sales, Plastik Funk is optimistic for a redefined post-COVID music industry.

plastik funk
Photo by Plastik Funk

How has your experience with touring/performing changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? How are venues accommodating health regulations while welcoming back larger audiences?

I think every artist and audiences across the industry have missed the joy of live shows! I was lucky enough to be the first international, Top 100 DJ to be invited to play over in Asia this spring. After quarantine, to see so many happy faces dancing, all in a safe environment, was truly special – it really felt like a turning point and that the end is really in sight. I think we all don’t want to be back in the same situation we were a year ago, and so safety is of a high importance.

What does it mean to you personally to be able to release new music, perform for live audiences, and travel to dozens of countries around the world after a stagnant year during the pandemic? 

It means so much, to me and fans and audiences across the globe. To be able to work in the studio and continue to release music, even during uncertain times, felt like something of a lifeline. I just hope I’ve bought as much joy to my fans as they have to me through releases this past year.

plastik funk
Photo by Plastik Funk

Your global tours have spanned across dozens of countries in multiple continents around the world. What makes your music so universal and internationally renowned? 

Thank you for thinking that! I think for me, the heart of what I do is to bring audiences together to dance, have freedom and express themselves and the thrill that music can bring – as long as I keep doing that and making connections – is all that matters. Music has no language, boundaries or prejudice.

What do you love most about touring? Do you have any favorite countries, cities, or venues? 

I love touring wherever I am lucky enough to go- Europe, Asia, South America; I always try and submerge myself in cultures and local attitudes wherever I visit. Europe always has a special place in my heart as I’m Spanish-born and have lived in Germany for a huge majority of my life. No two cities or countries are the same, to experience the differences – no matter how minor or major – is a thrill.

plastik funk
PHOTO Plastik Funk

What tour locations are next on your summer calendar? Where can readers and fans find tickets to your shows and stay up to date on music releases and upcoming plans? 

I will be touring across Europe including Croatia, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and more – to keep up to date, you can check my social media and dates will also be added to my website at!

In the midst of touring and performing all around the world, Plastik Funk is also releasing new upbeat tracks emblematic of a fresh start for a music industry forever changed by the yearlong COVID crisis. On July 23rd, Plastik Funk released his latest single entitled ‘Give Me Your Love’ featuring polmoya, 9tySlac, and K-ICM. Listen here and follow @plastikfunk on Instagram to get a personal glimpse into the jet setting DJ’s energetic performances as he returns to a refreshed post-pandemic music scene on his most recent intercontinental tour.

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