A Connoisseur Shares 5 Tasty Cocktails In Venice Beach

When he is not working behind the bar, Stone can be found exploring Los Angeles’ nightlife scene. Read on for his guide to going out in Venice!

Feisser Stone
PHOTO Feisser Stone

Feisser Stone has spent the past decade creating a name for himself from NYC to LA, by serving up cocktails at some of the most acclaimed programs in the country. A native of Colombia, Stone moved to NYC when he was 12. Upon entering the hospitality industry, Stone began cultivating a vast knowledge of spirits and unique, specialty ingredients. At Soho icon Café Habana, Stone built a strong reputation for his high standards, lively demeanor, and strong relationships with clients – attributes that have built his career developing bar programs.

In 2012, he moved to Los Angeles where he joined the 1933 Group at Oldfield’s Liquor Room. It was there he began to experiment with creating his own high-end bar ingredients such as bitters, amaros, and infusions.  Stone was then tapped to work behind the bar at Hinoki & the Bird, where he later became Bar Manager. His menu of meticulous craft cocktails was the perfect complement to the restaurant’s sought-after travel-inspired menu. In 2015, while at Hinoki & the Bird, Stone teamed up with Chef Ricardo Zarate to produce farmers’ market-inspired cocktails for his Peruvian pop-up, Once. Stone went on to the Ace Hotel rooftop bar, before deciding to launch his full-service bar consulting company, Barlingual.

1. Scopa Italian Roots: Sierra Norte

2905 W Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90292 (map, website)
Scopa Italian Roots
FACEBOOK Scopa Italian Roots

Scopa Italian Roots has an incredible ambiance. On top of that, their backbar is stunning and the quintessential bar; it has the biggest liquor selection in Los Angeles. It is massive and everyone who comes in takes photos. My favorite drink to order is the Sierra Norte, which is their take on a Jungle Bird, but with mezcal.

2. Old Lightning: Ramos Gin Fizz

2905 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (map, website)
Old Lightning
FACEBOOK Old Lightning

Hidden behind Scopa Italian Roots is Old Lightning, an intimate bar with a very extensive liquor list featuring many vintage options. They have over 80 cocktails and some fun, vintage champagnes. The bar only seats about 20 people and you are not allowed to have your phone while in there; they take it from you, which forces patrons to interact with each other. They also make the best Ramos Gin Fizz in the city.

3. Tasting Kitchen: Brave Heart

1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 (map, website)
the tasting kitchen
FACEBOOK the tasting kitchen

Tasting Kitchen is a neighborhood spot that is a staple in Venice. They have a very welcoming staff who will make you feel like a regular even if you have never been in before. My favorite cocktail there is the Brave Heart, which is their take on a Penicillin, but with angostura bitters.

4. Felix: Classic Negroni

1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 (map, website)
Felix Trattoria
FACEBOOK Felix Trattoria

Felix’s atmosphere and ambiance are authentic to an Italian restaurant. Everything, from the food to the bar program to the décor, is made with so much care. An additional point that makes them special is that rather than using big, world-wide liquor companies, they support the little guys. This makes their cocktails consistent because these smaller brands pay attention to every single bottle they produce; there is no room for error because they are constantly trying to prove themselves. Their Classic Negroni is one of my favorites and they use Bruto Americano.

5. The Brig: Frozé

1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 (map, website)
The Brig

I love going to The Brig after hours; it’s my go to place when I am off work and want to meet up with other hospitality industry friends. You can dance, let loose, and just have so much fun. Their Frozé, which is made with tequila, rosé, aperol, citrus, and fresh berries, is the best frozen drink I have ever had.

Article written by FEISSER STONE, Founder & Creative Director of Barlingual.

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