The Founders Of The Bali Bible: Amazing Platform & Guides

With a following of over half a million.

Despite the plethora of travel resources on Bali, there’s none that is as extensive or valuable as The Bali Bible. Anyone going to Bali will most definitely consult The Bali Bible at some point. With a following of over half a million, The Bali Bible consistently guides and draws people into everything alluring about Bali.

We caught up with the founders of The Bali Bible, Simon and Lani, to hear their story and how their amazing platform came to be. Below, they’ll tell you why they absolutely love Bali and why everyone needs to come to this magical island paradise.

Tell us your story. How and why did you create The Bali Bible?

“My wife and I love and adore Bali and found we were always sharing our local knowledge with friends and family. Lani (my wife) had made this amazing PDF document and used to share with friends and family. All of a sudden though, EVERYONE started requesting it, and each trip we were adding to it and sent out updates and people were really loving the new suggestions and ideas. It got to a point where were getting asked about this PDF document on a daily basis, so Lani and I thought it would be easier to manage by making a Facebook page—which we called “The Bali Bible.”

“After a week of going live, the Facebook page had 1,000+ followers, a week later it had 5,000+. To say we were blown away would be an understatement. From there we just kept working on it in our spare time. We both did (and still do) have full time jobs, and it was just a hobby we did late at night or after work. We didn’t make a cent for two years but just loved sharing our knowledge and helping people experience the amazing island and all that it has to offer.”

“We started to outgrow our Facebook page and needed something more. I owned a web development company on the side, so I was fortunate enough to use spare resources to help work on the project, which then evolved into a really great website and later a mobile app followed. Over the next two years it just kept growing, and evolved into this amazing page full of ideas, guidance and advice on Bali.”

“With that being said, The Bali Bible was just our recommendations, but it was always Lani’s and my dream to be able to give people the ability to make their own version of The Bali Bible, and be able to share their own ideas and experiences with friends and family. After 6 years we have finally created a new site which lists every venue in Bali and allows people to make lists of places they want to go for themselves or to provide for friends and family. We know Bali pretty well but understand some people out there might know it better, have a different opinion, or be into different things than we are. We wanted to give people the ability to personalize their own suggestions. This is when we launched a few months ago, My Bali Bible, which is an amazing custom built platform dedicated to Bali which lets people plan, shortlist and build their dream holidays.”

“It’s easily the most exciting thing we’ve done and have worked on it behind the scenes for 12 months (and continue to develop). It’s just such an amazing platform, and we hope soon (if not already) it will become the most informative, up-to-date resource on Bali anywhere.”

“We’re also expanding this custom built platform to new countries (which we call TRAVLR Guides), and are working with partners to launch Fiji, NZ and Australia in the coming months.”

“It‘s funny though. Back when we started off with a PDF document, we never thought we would be here. But with amazing support from our friends, family and followers it’s really turning into something special.”

What can people find on The Bali Bible?

“Regarding our page, our website and our mobile applications, we work extremely hard to ensure it’s the ultimate resource on Bali and hope we can provide a user friendly format and tool to build, showcase and plan amazing experiences that are available in Bali. Our followers and fans are described by some as youthful, travel savvy, educated, creative, and financially liberated. And this is what excites us the most: an amazing audience who loves and knows Bali, and then this powerful and informative new site which enables these expats, locals, regulars or celebs to showcase all this island has to offer though their own ‘Bali Bible.’”

“With over 1.5 million + engaged followers, it’s now the ‘go to’ Bali platform for anyone planning a trip to this tropical Paradise. We list the most luxurious and popular villas, resorts and bars including insider knowledge and recommendations from those who know it best, which is listed on our site for anyone to browse.”

“With so much happening in Bali and so many new venues popping up weekly, the island is saturated with some of the world’s most trend-setting restaurants and bars. Our site has lists compiled by thousands of people, of the very best of Bali food and drink, nightlife, getaways, and adventures.”

“If you’re looking to explore the rich culture, food, and nature in Bali, check out our new Bali Bible platform. A place to browse thousands of venues that have been curated by people in the know. View the lists here.”

What do you love about Bali and makes it so special to you?

“Bali is an island immersed in sun, beauty and culture. But today, it’s far more than a tropical holiday destination; it’s a mood, an addiction, and an escape. When you really get to know Bali, you come to feel a profound sense of calm and belonging, a feeling that only those who have been to Bali can truly understand.”

“We all travel to Bali for different reasons. We go for cheap Bintangs, stunning scenery, fine dining restaurants and Indonesian culture. The weather, of course, plays its part, along with the Balinese people, who welcome us with open arms and smiles. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve traveled— Bali is like no other place on earth. It’s true that Bali has its share of tourists seeking sun, sand and parties, but this only forms a small part of what’s on offer. In reality, Bali is an island of seething culture, delicious food and exhilarating adventures. To us, Bali is all of these things and more.”

Do you have any personal recommendations/favorite things to do on the island?

“Oh ok – that’s a question that may not have an ending. The easiest way to explain this would be to check out some of the lists we’ve made on our new site.”

Nadia Cho

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