Peek Inside Bali’s Rainforest Retreat Spa Experience At Alila Ubud

The newest, most romantic spa treatment in Bali.

Tucked away in the luscious rolling hills of Bali is Alila Ubud, one of the most exclusive hotels in the area. The reason for the hotel’s desirability is that Alila has one of the most coveted views in Ubud. Alila Ubud is positioned against a steep backdrop of endless mountains, forest and lush greenery. And it’s here that one will find the Rainforest Retreat Spa Experience, the newest, most romantic spa treatment in Bali.

The Rainforest Retreat is extraordinary simply because it takes place outside in full view of the mountains. Upon arrival at Alila, one is led past the infinity pool, down to a landing with full, panoramic views of the Bale Bengong valley. There you will find a tranquil straw cabana set-up with massage beds facing the mountain.

And as you’re taking in the breathtaking view, you’re handed a refreshing, citrusy welcome drink to energize you. Afterwards the sequence of the Rainforest Retreat Spa Experience is a lovely footbath, 90-minute therapeutic massage, 3 course lunch, 60-minute reflexology massage and finally ending with afternoon tea.

Rainforest Spa Experience Alila Ubud.
Rainforest Spa Experience Alila Ubud. Photo: Nadia Cho

The 90-minute therapeutic massage is deeply relaxing as you get to fully dive into your lush, serene surroundings. It’s easy to let go of all stress and thoughts in general when you’re enveloped by verdant scenery such as this. You’ll find yourself refreshed and stress-free in no time.

For lunch, one has the choice of a Pan-Asian or Detox menu. Each comes with three courses—starter, main and dessert—and there’s an extensive drink menu of fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The Detox Menu is incredibly flavorful and filling despite what detox-ing usually connotes. The salad and fish curry I had was delicious and I savored every single bite to the fullest!

After lunch comes an hour long reflexology massage. Reflexology focuses on applying pressure on various zones of the hands and feet, which in turn affects other parts of the body. It’s amazing to experience how simply touching a certain part of the foot makes your body parts tingle. Afterwards your body will feel revived and invigorated as you get ready to take on the rest of your day.

To top it all off is lovely afternoon tea, which features an herbal tea and Balinese treats. Balinese sweets usually involve small, eye-catching goodies filled with coconut, banana, and other tropical delights.

Rainforest Spa Experience Alila Ubud.
Rainforest Spa Experience Alila Ubud. Photo: Nadia Cho

For those looking for a serene, relaxing escape out in nature, Alila Ubud’s Rainforest Retreat Spa Experience is a must! Visit here for bookings.

Nadia Cho

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