Chef Corey Lee: Food & Art Beyond His Kitchen

Corey is an artist that wow-ed not just me, but everyone else who have paid visits to Benu.

Corey Lee
PHOTO Corey Lee

The moment I met Corey, all nerves were eased. He was as kind and open as one could imagine. Fortunately, I grew up eating in a variety of fine-dining restaurants. Unfortunately, before meeting Corey, I had yet to interview Albert Aldria in Barcelona, so I hadn’t fully understood the talent and skills behind: art and design, incorporated in the science of true gastronomy. Sitting at a table at Benu, I allowed my naive conversation to carry on casually with Corey, who could not have been more sweet and courteous.

Corey Lee
PHOTO Wendy Hung

From our conversation, I began to fully grasp onto the fact that, some people in life are meant for certain paths. Corey was meant to be a chef. His understanding of food and art is beyond his kitchen. His anecdotes about all spectrums of art: ballet, paintings and music, align with how I see the world – one that is full of creativity and inspiration. The conversation was easy, simply because I connected with all that he said, and appreciated all the insights he shared.

So I thank him, for opening his thoughts to me, for making my job so easy, and for being who he is: an artist that wow-ed not just me, but everyone else who have paid visits to Benu.

Read more of my interview with Corey Lee: From the French Laundry to Benu, Food as Intended Art.

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