5 Sydney Local Hotspots, According To Singer-Songwriter Danielle Deckard

Singer songwriter Danielle Deckard shows us hidden gems in Australia’s capital. 

Sydney is a city not foreign to avid travelers. The state capital of New South Wales has welcomed worldwide visitors and expats, looking to admire the beauty of Sydney Opera House and dip their feet in the gorgeous sands of Bondi Beach.

The local scene, however, is filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So we asked singer songwriter Danielle Deckard to show us what her favorite local hotspots are in this grand metropolis surrounding the world’s largest natural harbor.

Deckard, who releases a deluxe version of her lyrical EP End of the World this month, was born in New Jersey and now living in Sydney while touring throughout Australia this summer. From her favorite neighborhood cafe to a little diner/bar where she indulges on a glass of wine, this talented musician gives us a local guide of where you should check out the next time you find yourself in this Australian capital.

1. Bourke Street Bakery (Potts Point Location) 

46A MacLeay St, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia (map, website)

“Bourke Street Bakery is an institution in Sydney, there are a few of them here. Amazing pastries and the best plain croissants around. I’ve got one in my neighborhood so it’s kind of a weekend treat for me.”

Facebook Bourke Street Bakery
Facebook/Bourke Street Bakery

2. Room 10

“Room 10 is my regular coffee place…this is my all-time favorite cafe in all of Sydney. It’s a local spot for me, I come here at least 3 or 4 times a week, generally I sit inside for 2 hours in the morning before people arrive for the 9 a.m. rush. I have filter coffee because you can’t find that in Sydney….so I come here with my laptop to do some work during weekdays.”

Facebook Room 10
Facebook/Room 10

3. Chester White

3 Orwell St, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia (map, website)

“Chester White has a very tiny menu, I love places with tiny menus. Also, cured meat sections, cheeses, and pastas that are incredible. It’s just an awesome little diner/bar….Local neighborhood gem.”

Facebook Chester White Cured Diner
Facebook/Chester White Cured Diner

4. Assembly Label

221 Bondi Rd, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Australia (map, website)

“Assembly Label is a fashion label in Sydney’s Bondi. I get a lot of my clothes here, I love basics, so generally I’ll have 5 or 6 of the same shirt. It’s awesome.”

Facebook Assembly label
Facebook/Assembly label

5. Rushcutters Bay Park

New South Head Rd, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2027, Australia (map, website)

Rushcutters Bay Park is nearby my apartment and is one of my favorite spots in Sydney to go for a run, or go for a walk at night when it’s not crowded which is even better. It’s filled with cute little boats.”

Facebook Todd Craft
Facebook/Todd Craft

Article written by Danielle Deckard, singer/songwriter.

Download Danielle Deckard’s new EP “End of the World.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, & YouTube.

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