Road Trips 2021: How To Take Your Experience A Notch Higher

The pandemic has changed the world in every way possible, including the way people travel.

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International travel and long-distance journeys are passé now, while road trips are surging in popularity. Even as vaccine rollouts are in full swing, the virus is still here, and another wave might be around the corner. However, most Americans realize that conscious behavior may just avert the impending crisis.

Thankfully, people are opting for short road trips this year instead of flights to minimize the risk of an outbreak. While these trips may sound less alluring compared to exotic holidays, you can still have a great time. The best part is that you need not spend a fortune making the experience an exciting one. Here are some ways you can take it a notch higher.

Find what is open

Before you decide the destination and map out your route, it is vital to know where you can travel right now. Figuring it out may take some research and effort, but it can save you from a lot of trouble en route and at the destination. States are continually updating their travel policies, restrictions for out-of-state travelers, and mask mandates. Even as most of them are open with entry requirements now, you must find everything about the current status. Things may change unexpectedly depending on the ebb and flow of the infection rates. So you must keep track of the current information.

Prep up with a pandemic safety kit

Safety should be on top of your mind if you want to take this year’s road trip a notch higher. You may be vaccinated and immune, but it is still crucial to stay one step ahead with a pandemic survival kit. By now, you will probably have a checklist of essentials you need to prevent infection. Pack the basics such as face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and rubber gloves. Have ample supplies to last through the entire trip and back because you wouldn’t want to run short in the middle of nowhere. If you aren’t vaccinated fully, wait till you get both jabs before planning the trip. Taking all the recommended safety precautions can make the journey safe and stress-free.

Skip hotels and resorts

Hotels and resorts claim that they have the best sanitation protocols in place, but you cannot be too sure. With road travel, you may have to break the journey and find accommodation en route. Even the safest places may pose risks due to crowds and chances of infection in common areas. It makes sense to skip the traditional options like hotels and resorts and opt for camping sites. Check official campgrounds on the way and book them in advance. You will have to plan the dates and destinations in detail, but the effort is worthwhile. RV rentals are another good alternative if you want an all-in-one mix of transportation and accommodations for your 2021 road trip.

Try a cannabis vacation

You could go the extra mile with a cannabis road trip this season, as it can help you relax and unwind after a year of extreme stress. While the journey can be an incredible one, you will have to follow some rules. Never drive after a session, and pack your stash in the boot. Having anything on the car seat can get you into trouble. You may skip the stress by not carrying supplies in the car and buying them at your destination. Just make sure you pick a legal destination, and you can order for weed delivery at your place of stay. Stick to a safe dosage, and you can have a good time solo or with your gang of cannabis-loving besties.

Stock up on essentials

Another worthy piece of advice to have a safe and enjoyable road trip in 2021 is to stock up on essentials. Limit your shopping trips on the way as it can curb contact and reduce the risk of infection through surfaces. Pack all essential items you need, such as healthy snacks, medicines, toiletries, and groceries. It will help you skip unnecessary stops and delays and keep you safe from the virus too. Make sure you pack light so that you have ample space for these essentials. Stocking up on essentials is also a wise decision from a financial perspective as it can save you some dollars.

Look for good deals

Even as you need not buy flight tickets when embarking on a road trip, there are still many money-saving deals you can explore. Look for ones on accommodations, even at campsites and vacation homes. There are plenty of them around these days as the tourism industry struggles to regain footing in the new normal. Before you book deals, be sure to go through the fine print. Pick offers that give you the flexibility to cancel or reschedule at the last moment. You cannot be too sure about plans and timelines during such unpredictable times. It makes sense to cover yourself from such unprecedented risks even when you save money with discounts and offers.

Sanitize your vehicle often

Whenever you embark on a road trip, you must make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. But this year, you must also pay attention to its hygiene in addition to mileage and performance. Give the vehicle a thorough wipe-down inside-out before you leave. Vacuum it for extra cleanliness. Expect every surface to be touched often, and you must ensure frequent cleaning and sanitation. Don’t skimp on it even if only your family members or close friends are using the car. As you clean and disinfect, focus on high-touch areas such as the seat belts, door handles, steering wheel, USB ports, and cup holders.

Road trips in 2021 are different, yet they are the best way to resume your travel plans safely and within budget. Everything boils down to good planning, and you can have a safe and enjoyable one without burning a hole in your wallet. Just follow these tips, and you are all set for a journey you will always remember.

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