Shh! The Do’s & Don’ts Of Hooking Up On Vacay

Some things to keep in mind to have a positive and memorable vacay hook-up.


For those of us who have experienced passionate nights with any number of sexy inhabitants abroad, you have to admit that there’s a tendency for your more adventurous and promiscuous side to come out during vacation. I remember the first time I visited Spain, I thought to myself, “Wow, people are way more sexually engaging and open here.” Well, that is until I realized that I was the one who was being a bit more wild and uninhibited than my usual self back home.

Moving away from the bounds of your cultural norms and everyone you know makes it much easier to get loose and have a good time. Whether this is immoral or illogical, interacting with hot foreigners supplies much, if not most, of the fun in traveling to faraway lands and these captivating encounters make up the thrilling moments that we live for. So for the next time you find yourself in the moment to have some sexy time abroad, here are some things to keep in mind to have a positive and memorable vacay hook-up.


1. Swoon and blindly follow any dashing foreigner with an accent just because he tells you you’re cute.

Be vigilant to make sure you’re not being preyed on by some creeper by at least having some legitimate conversation and gauging whether this person is on the whole respectful and trustworthy.

2. Feel pressured to go too far or do something you don’t want to.

This can be the scariest part of hooking up in a foreign place where you don’t speak the language so learn how to say “stop” and “no” and make sure to walk away from any situations as soon as you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

3. Feel guilty or shame yourself for having some fun.

What’s more romantic and exciting than hanging out and canoodling with someone in a different country? These are the experiences that provide the best stories that you will share and remember for the rest of your life, so fool around and go looking for some trouble.


1. Talk to people!

Be fun, be social, be bold. See someone cute at the bar? Make some eye contact and attempt to start conversation. Who cares about rejection? No one knows who you are and you’ll probably never see that person ever again so go for it!

2. Learn some phrases in the language of the country you are visiting for how to give and ask for consent and how to say you want to use protection.

This goes along with learning how to say you want to stop or that you feel uncomfortable. Consent is required no matter what language you are speaking and it’s important to specify that you want to use protection early on.

3. Be Safe!

Take condoms and tell your travel buddy where you are going and the address of where the person is staying. Protect yourself so that you come away from your getaway fling with fond memories and not infections or diseases.

4. Keep in Touch!

Even though the encounter might seem like a one-time thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t develop a long lasting relationship with your vacay fling. I still keep up with the cute Spanish boy I hung out with two summers ago through texting and Facebook and we still have an awesome, fun and flirty relationship. It feels good to know that there’s someone on the other side of the world who is thinking about you, and who knows? Maybe you’ll meet again and these are the unpredictable relationships that will change your life.

Nadia Cho

Communications Associate

As the empowered female behind the blog: International Women of Mystery, Nadia reps Team JST traveling the world in search of exclusive features on hidden gems and cool hotspots. You can find her exploring metropolitan cities or lounging on tropical beaches.

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