Why Being In A Long Distance Relationship Isn’t So Bad

As much as I love being with my boyfriend, and I know we’re both working towards living in the same city.

long distance relationships
Photo: Blair Siegel

It was nearly 3 years ago this December that I would’ve visited Australia for the first time. Abundant pubs, gorgeous beaches, exceptional coffee; I was truly in heaven. It was nowhere on my itinerary to leave this amazing country in a new relationship- also one that would involve a nearly 8,000 mile distance. The night my boyfriend had officially asked me to be his girlfriend, I asked him if he was sure about going through with it because the distance was just so far. We were both confident we could do it.

2 years and many miles later, we’re still together. I know, we’ve pretty much beat all statistics at this point. When I tell people about it, they’re truly fascinated with how we manage to make our relationship survive. We’ve been apart for as many as 7 months and as little as 4, which is still a decent chunk of time.

As much as I love being with my boyfriend, and I know we’re both working towards living in the same city, I’ve learned being in a long distance relationship isn’t as awful as others perceive it. Here are some reasons to prove why long distance relationships aren’t all that bad.

long distance relationships
Photo: Blair Siegel

Personal Space

If you’re a Stage 1 clinger, long distance may not be the best choice for you. However, for me, this works out perfectly. I love a good cuddle and whatever else sounds cute. But when I’m pissed, I don’t want to be touched, poked, nothing. Leave me alone. Thankfully, the distance is a perfect (and inevitable) way to get the space I need. The good news is I can always call or text my boyfriend when I’m ready to talk again.

Trust Them

This should be a given in any relationship, right? But particularly in long distance relationships, the paranoia and low esteem may kick into higher gear, being that you’re both so far away and don’t know what’s going on behind texts. This is perfectly ok and normal if you’re in a new LDR. I know my boyfriend well, probably too well, and I trust him with everything… Except remembering his house keys. Having each other’s full trust and remaining loyal will keep the connection strong between you and your S.O.

long distance relationships
Photo: Blair Siegel

Having an Excuse to Travel

It’s been a few months since you’ve last seen your S.O., and you’re starting to feel it. You’re both hardcore missing each other, and seeing any couple in public makes you want to gag. Time for you to book your next flight. Once you have your plane ticket, the motivation to save up and prepping for vacation kicks in. When my boyfriend and I are apart for months on end, but I have a plane ticket, and I know I’m going to see him soon, I get fueled with excitement knowing I can officially countdown the days until I’m on my next flight.

Finally Reuniting

Let me just say this is by far the best perk of an LDR. Of course there’ll be nerves before you see each other. 6 months apart with no physical contact will definitely cause that. After finally getting off a 15 hour plane ride and getting through customs, there he is with a giant grin on his face waiting for me. I somehow always forget how handsome he is and run straight into his arms. It’s like the distance between us never existed. This is the part where we run off and enjoy Sydney’s summer for the next few weeks.

I hope these few pieces of advice helped you, because coming from someone who has endured all sorts of obstacles while being in a long distance relationship, we’ve made it work and are still going strong. Make sure you know each other, communicate, and look forward to that sob-story reunion.

long distance relationships
Photo: Blair Siegel

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