5 Inevitable Truths When Dating A Foreigner

Here’s why dating a foreigner is well worth the sacrifice.

dating a foreigner

You may be wondering, what brought this California girl to Sweden. Well, it definitely wasn’t the weather. I decided to fly 5,327 miles to be with the man of my dreams, who also happens to be Swedish. Dating a foreigner is absolutely amazing. Swedes are kind, patient, easily entertained and they have a different perspective on life than what I’m used to in America. In Southern California, I was more concerned with fashion trends, and consuming as much kale as physically possible, but in Sweden, my mind has been consumed with more significant thoughts.

When you date a foreigner, you’ll have to readjust your dating habits. During the first few weeks of my relationship with Robin, he would never text me. As a millennial, texting is my primary source of communication, but my new foreign boyfriend liked the intimacy of a real phone call. I slowly learned to appreciate our conversations where I could actually hear his voice, but at first I thought every phone call was a legitimate emergency.

This is obviously a minor change I’ve experienced but it did take some getting used to. My lack of texts was nothing compared to eating liverwurst or learning Swedish (FML).

Dating any foreigner will be difficult, but it’s absolutely worth it. Now I get to wake up every morning to sexy Swedish man calling my name in an even sexier accent.

Here’s why dating a foreigner is well worth the sacrifice.

1. It’s likely that at some point…

You and your foreign boo will have to endure some long distance but don’t let that bring you down. Now, you have a solid excuse to travel abroad. It’s all in the name of love, right?


2. Celebrating foreign holidays.

Swedes have so many random holidays and I fucking love it. My Swedish classes get cancelled on a bi-weekly basis so I can celebrate accordingly. Holidays such as Midsummer, Saint Lucia Day and Swedish National day give me a reason to day drink and stuff my face with Kanelbullar (aka: Swedish cinnamon buns aka the best thing ever)

3. Cultural differences.

This is an obvious one, but it’s apparent that many Swedes disagree with some parts of American culture. For example, this country is entirely socialistic while America is based on capitalism. These lifestyle conditions will lead you to a ton of realisation and a few arguments. If you’ve moved abroad, adjust yourself to the culture you’re living in, don’t try and bring your native customs abroad. Embrace this new way of living.


4. You’ll grow.

My relationship with Robin has opened so many doors for me. I’ve lived abroad, I’ve had the opportunity to travel more, I’ve made new friends, and after nearly five years, I’ve become part of his family. Not only have I grown as person, but we’ve grown as a couple.

5. His family and friends will think you’re extra interesting.

Moving to Sweden has had it’s fair share of obstacles but Swedish people think I’m cool AF. Being from California, most of my friends here assume I’m a professional surfer who parties with celebrities in L.A. That’s really not the case but one time I did see Chelsea Handler in West Hollywood.

Rebekah Black


Rebekah is a 23-year-old California girl living and working in Sweden in the software industry. Her favorite country is Italy, and loves secluded beaches, colorful sunsets, exotic food & red wine.

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