A Pretty Serious Guide To Long Distance Relationships

I can still say with confidence that 75% of the time, long distance relationships are a bitch.

long distance
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Let’s be honest: where the footnotes should be in this article there are animal gifs. Any sane person would recognize that I’m no expert, but I can still say with confidence that 75% of the time, long distance relationships are a bitch, every time. That said; they are 100% worth it when you’re in love with someone you intend to be with long term. This stream of advice will help you through the ups and downs of the dreaded LDR, so that someday you can take the coveted Eiffel Tower Proposal Selfie and live happily ever after.

1.  Saying goodbye sucks, but distance is doable as long as you’re in it to win it (or wed it).

1. Leaving
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2.  If you’re a first timer, don’t be embarrassed about reading a book on LDR’s, there’s some insightful shit in there.

2. Read a book
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3.  Make each other laugh while you’re at work (it’s basically why Imgur was invented).

3. work
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4.  Go hang out with your friends when you start feeling lonely, don’t get all depressed and weird like your reclusive college roommate. 

4. Hang with friends
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5.   Don’t ever start an argument over something insignificant. Ever.

5. Pick your Fights

6.  Be careful about who you discuss your relationship with. If you’re having a hard time, bring it up with your partner, not the entire checkout line at Trader Joes. 

6. Getting in a fight
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7.   Have Skype dates often, so you can see that adorable mug you love so much. 

7. Skype Date
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8.  That said, try to avoid over-communicating. With today’s technology it’s remarkably easy to Stage-5 Cling from across the planet. 

9. Too much love
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9.   If someone hits on you, be up front that you’re taken. An easy rule of thumb is, if your hunny was nearby, would you be doing what you’re doing? If not, bail. 

8. Deny
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10.  When you visit each other, enjoy the little moments. Leave time for an extended snuggle sesh and, you know, other stuff. 

10. little things
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11.  When you talk to one another, avoid distractions and give them 100% of your attention. Even if it seems trivial to you, listen. 

11. Tell What You're Feeling
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12. Don’t let anyone give you unsolicited advice or “insight” to your relationship. It will only confuse you. 

12. Confused
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13. Hold on to the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s no feeling like being reunited with the one person who makes you happy.  

13 See eachother again
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Lena is a Chicago native, her travel style consists of red cowboy boots that make her feel like she can take over the world. She adores Peru and can't travel without her journal to draw or write in.

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