5 Crucial Things To Know When Dating Abroad

If you’re unaware about how to maneuver through the international dating game.

international couple when dating abroad

When crossing international borders and meeting natives of our dream locations, it’s easy for travelers to get consumed by their local charms.

Beyond the attraction of a city’s cultural hubs and scenic landscapes, tourists are often lost in the pool of potential romantic options. By nature, people are driven by their aches for courtship, especially with people they’ve never seen before leaving their hometowns.

Unfortunately, they’re usually unaware about how to maneuver through the international dating game. So, here’s a list of some key things to consider when dating locals abroad.

1. Establish Boundaries Early

Whenever you start dating, it’s important to set the grounds for what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for something temporary or long-term, be sure to lay that out within yourself and, if it gets serious, with the person you’re seeing.

This is especially true when dating someone from another country. It’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to face the adjustment that comes with dating outside your comfort zone. There’s nothing worse than being caught up in other people’s expectations or fighting your own internal struggles. Be clear when thinking about what you want to get out of dating abroad.

2. Dismiss Your Fantasy

Throw your fantasies aside. I’m sure you’ve already imagined a six-foot tall, dark-haired stud rushing to sweep you off your feet, hold you in his arms and rest your head on his large chest while his open silk top rubs against your face. I get it. Honestly, in some ways, I actually strive to be that kind of fantasy. But like my attempts, that probably won’t happen — well, at least not the way you envision it.

Instead of trying to pursue the “ideal” dating partner, keep an open mind when meeting new people. You never know who you’ll actually connect with. Maintaining  a fantasy could blur your perception of an authentic romance, one that’s drawn from the same fairy tales you grew up wanting to obtain.

3. Use Dating Apps

Consider using dating apps. I know, most of them get a bad rap for being known as “hook-up sites,” but they’re actually fairly resourceful. These highly-frequented platforms allow users to connect with hundreds of people daily. In turn, giving them a more realistic feel for a city’s dating scene.

Obviously, depending on what you’re looking for will determine what apps to explore. Among the most popular dating apps are Tinder, Match, OkCupid and Bumble. So, if you’re actually looking to get yourself out there, take 15 minutes of your time to set up a profile and see where it takes you.

4. Be Open-Minded

Possibly the most important dating tip is to remain open-minded. Be prepared to meet people whose interests, race, or cultural values are outside your own. If you start dating replicas of your past partners, it essentially defeats the purpose of dating people from another country.

The goal is to meet people with experiences vastly differ from your own. That way, you can immerse yourself even deeper into the country you’re visiting or moved to. In the end, having these differences will make for even better experiences. So, in between going on dates, try new foods, visit foreign terrain and even think about the possibility of a relationship with that person going forward.

5. Live In The Moment

Final tip: just live in the moment. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when figuring how to date in another country. Like anything, do it when you’re ready and at a comfortable pace. Don’t get discouraged when a situation doesn’t land in your favor. Everything you want will happen in time — the right time.

Earl Hopkins

Content Editor

Earl is a multimedia journalist with a devoted passion for storytelling. He loves to write, read, take pictures, travel, discover new restaurants and international fashion trends. One day, Earl wants to continue building on his journalistic endeavors and eventually operate his own culture-based publication.

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