Top 3 Recommended Travel Itineraries For A Family Holiday In Vietnam

City tours, lantern making class, cruise on Halong Bay…and more!

Most of people believe that Vietnam is a destination for adventurers; however, this country has not only the majestic mountains with beautiful and risky nature, dangerous passes, etc. but also about 3000 years of history, more than 3200km coastline, many world-known beautiful beaches, thousands big and small tropical islands, modern infrastructure with luxurious accommodation, mega malls, huge amusement park, which are definitely worth for a family holiday in Vietnam and below are the top 3 recommended itineraries for your remarkable family holiday in Vietnam.

Hanoi – Halong Bay Tour

Ha Noi and Halong Bay are the most typical travel route in Vietnam and it totally suitable for a family holiday in Vietnam, especially when your group have elders or kids from 6 years old. Hanoi – Halong Bay tour has easy travel route. A city tour in Hanoi gives your family a chance to learn more about Vietnam authentic history, traditional culture and local street foods.

family holiday vietnam
Hanoi City Tour – Hanoi Old Quarter.

On the other hand, instead of a cultural journey, Halong Bay is absolutely a perfect destination for some days of excursion for your family with some soft interesting activities like kayaking, swimming, biking and fishing which your kids can definitely join. Besides, if you travel with older people like your parents or grandparents, Halong Bay cruise is the perfect choice for a few relaxing days sunbathing on the sundeck, reading some books at cruise’ library, playing interesting board games with others, joining night fishing on deck, etc.

family holiday vietnam
Cruises in Halong Bay.

The transfer between destinations and attractions is also very convenient with car or shuttle bus transfer, you may walk a little bit while travelling in the Old Quarter during Hanoi city tour or street food tour, but don’t worry, the street is nice and the walk is just as relaxing as a shopping day in a mall.

Danang – Hoi An Tour

Danang – Hoi An Tour is a perfect combination of fast and slow travel route. Danang is a modern city with buildings, diverse entertainment activities and crowded beautiful beach. Your kids will absolutely love this city as it has all the things that they love: delicious food, long and clean beach (with many interesting activities), a huge amusement park on Ba Na Hills with games for kids from big to small.

family holiday vietnam
Amusement Park complex at Ba Na Hills.

On the other hand, only about 1 hour driving from Danang City, Hoi An may be a good choice for family has teenage and older people. There are many activities in Hoi An that your family can join together, such as: walking tour in Hoi An ancient town, join a cooking class or a lantern making lesion, enjoy a biking or basket boat tour, etc. Besides, Hoian also has a beautiful An Bang beach which is not so far from the town center and a huge Vinpearl water and amusement park complex so all the family can relax and have fun together.

family holiday vietnam
Lantern making class in Hoi An.

Ho Chi Minh City – Mekong Delta Tour

This is also a perfect choice for your family trip in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City (or usually known as Saigon) is suitable to travel with your kids and also older people in your family. This city, like some people said, has everything that you want. You do not have to walk a lot while travelling in Ho Chi Minh City, especially when you have already booked a full package tour which help you to travel all the main attractions in the city by car and as each attraction is not so big, you obviously can explore them slowly and relaxingly. And just like Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam, Saigon offers a wide range of restaurants and vendors from budget to high-end, providing the extraordinary culinary experience and can satisfy even the strictest taste.

From Saigon, your family can get the colorful Mekong Delta easily with only about 2 driving hours. Normally, travelers spend at least one day to explore this area, visit floating market, biking through green fields and peaceful village and learn how to make a handicraft item. However, if you have time, your family can enjoy the Mekong Delta in a different way: cruising. If your family has older people, book a Mekong River cruise should be the most suitable way. Cruising help your family trip become much easier as you don’t have to travel on road all day long (which is quite tired) and just sit down or lay on the sundeck, enjoy the greenery of the Mekong Delta and also the interesting local lifestyle here.

family holiday vietnam
Luxurious Mekong River Cruise.

Above are some typical travel route for a family holiday in Vietnam and there are still many good suggestions for your perfect family trip not only in Vietnam but also throughout the Indochina, CHECK IT HERE for expert advices!

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