A Walk In Nature: Your Quick Guide To Mount Olympic National Park

Looking for a getaway from the city? Trail through Mount Olympic National Park and become enchanted by the beauty of nature.

This recreation center is one of America’s greatest parks. Olympic National Park began as a small area designated for protection by Teddy Roosevelt in 1897, it was finally established as Mount Olympic National Park in 1938. The mountain area stretches over nearly a million acres, with breathtaking views and thriving ecosystems all around. Stroll, hike, camp, and canoe while surrounded by panoramic views and flourishing plants, animals, and insects.

Mount Olympic National Park


You might think the park is located in Greece due to its name “Mount Olympic,” however, this breathtaking national park is situated in Port Angeles, Washington. To enter the recreation area, purchase a National Park Pass prior to your visit or pay a $55 entrance fee at Olympic National Park Visitor Center. The benefit of a park pass is that it not only works for Mount Olympic but for other recreational centers scattered throughout America. Once you’ve passed through the visitor center, it is time to find your designated entrance.


Port Angeles

This main entrance, Port Angeles, functions as the park’s general information center. Take the time to explore the children’s discovery room, the bookstore, maps, and various trails. Any questions regarding the park will be answered and properly assisted by workers at the center.

Mount Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge

One of the most popular mountain area, Hurricane Ridge provides a number of hiking trails that lead to lakes and valleys. As you explore through Hurricane Ridge you’ll encounter open meadows, mountains, and forests. The wintertime is just as beautiful as the summer, especially with all the snow glossing over nature.

Heart O’ the Hills

Functioning as a campground for overnight travelers, Heart O’ the Hills offers multiple lots for campers to rest and trails for beginners. I recommend the Heart O’ the Forest Trail. It is a 4.4-mile, roundtrip, path leading towards the river.

Mount Olympic National Park

Lake Crescent

If you’re looking to do lake activities, Lake Crescent is the spot. There are several hiking trails encompassed by mountains and picnic areas near the lake. Many visitors spend their time in the waters kayaking, sailing, or resting on the beaches. Some kayaks are available for rental at the Lake Crescent Lodge.

lake crescent, washington
Photo by Greg Garnhart on Unsplash


Closest to the Pacific Ocean and Rialto Beach, Mora’s campgrounds are the perfect spot to prop your tents. If you’re planning on camping at Mora’s campgrounds, be sure to arrive early because spots are a first-come, first-served.


Hike near the coastal area of Mount Olympic National Park. At Kalaloch explore the sandy beaches and visiting marine animals from the shores. Don’t miss out on the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

Quinault Rain Forest

If you’re looking for a calmer route visit the Quinault Rain Forest. The valley is surrounded by alpine meadows, ice-carved peaks, and jeweled lakes. The forest also has a scenic loop drive and great hiking trails for hikers of all levels.

Whether you’re planning a daytrip or camping on the grounds, Olympic National Park is a rejuvenating experience for those seeking an escape from the city life.

Mount Olympic National Park
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