9 San Francisco Hotspots Where Blue Jasmine Was Filmed

Blue Jasmine was filmed in both San Francisco in present day and New York City in series of flashbacks. 

blue jasmine movie location san francisco

The Oscars 2014 is fast approaching! To celebrate our love for cinema, we wanted to check out awesome movie locations where this year’s nominated films were shot as many were filmed in beautiful and scenic cities.  We’ll be kicking off the series with this year’s highly acclaimed Blue Jasmine (and one of my personal favorites), starring Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, Bobby Cannavale and Louis C.K..

The movie was filmed in both San Francisco in present day and New York City in series of flashbacks. Since Woody Allen hardly shoots his movies in San Francisco, we wanted to give you some off-the-beaten-path hotspots that made cameos in the film so you can check ’em out during your next trip to the magnificent city by the bay!

1. Ginger’s Mission district apartment (305 South Van Ness Avenue)

* One of our readers, John, informed us that the exteriors were shot on South Van Ness but the interiors shots were at 3563 20th Street.

Blue Jasmine movie San Francisco ginger's apartment

2. The Ramp ( 855 Terry A Francois Boulevard)

A Mission Bay waterfront restaurant, The Ramp is also where Jasmine sipped her vodka with Ginger and Chili who brought along his buddy Eddie. We highly recommend getting the oysters here while gazing over a gorgeous view of the SF bay!

Blue Jasmine movie location San Francisco The Ramp copy

The Ramp San Francisco restaurant

3. Chinatown

The best Chinatown outside of China is in San Francisco, also where Jasmine, Ginger, Chili and Eddie walked around after The Ramp.

San Francisco Chinatown Blue Jasmine copy

4. Aub Zam Zam (1633 Haight Street)

The Persian-inspired bar: Aub Zam Zam is where Jasmine’s dentist boss, Dr. Flicker, takes her out for a drink.

Zam Zam San Francisco bar

5. Historic Escalle Winery (771 Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur)

Remember that scene after Jasmine had met Dwight and they were looking at  four-poster bed at a furniture sale? It was shot at Larkspur’s Historic Escalle Winery – an old brick production facility that French immigrant Jean Escalle transformed into a winery back in 1890.

jean escalle winery san francisco blue jasmine

6. Ocean Beach

When Ginger and Al had already met and they had a lunch date walking by the water. A walk along Ocean Beach can get a bit windy and cold but it’s beautiful! Truly San Franciscan!

Blue Jasmine San Francisco Ocean Beach copy

7. Gaspare’s Pizza House & Italian Restaurant (5546 Geary Street)

Gaspare’s is where Jasmine got sloshed with her usual Xanax and vodka while taking Ginger’s kids out for pizza in the Richmond District.

Gaspare's pizza San Francisco

8. Shreve & Co (200 Post Street)

Jasmine’s dream to marry Dwight fell apart at Shreve & Co in Union Square, especially when she unexpectedly ran into Ginger’s ex, Augie.

Shreve & Co San Francisco

9. Casa Lucas Market (2934 24th Street at Alabama Street)

The grocery store where Ginger worked at is Casa Lucas Market, also in the Mission District, the same area as her apartment.

San Francisco Casa Lucas Market copy

Casa Lucas Market San Francisco

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