Easier Than It Looks! Planning A Trip For Angel Island

Located north of Alcatraz is Angel Island which you can reach to via Tiburon Ferry, Blue & Gold Ferry, or the East Bay Ferry.


I have found that there is much to explore in the San Francisco Bay Area, and yet, often a lack of my own conviction stops me from exploring. Luckily, I was incentivized to visit Angel Island State Park. After figuring out the itinerary, a friend and I took the ferry service to the Island.

The Island looked tiny from afar, yet, as we docked onto the harbor, the eight hundred feet high landmark towered over us. After exploring the entrance and shore areas, we took a two-hour Segway tour around the Island. This tour led us to Civil War barracks and officers’ quarters, defunct gun batteries and bunkers that protected the U.S. from foreign invasions, and valuable mineral and rock quarries.

Civil War officer quarters and barracks. PHOTO ANDY CHENG


Immigration quarantine camps. PHOTO ANDY CHENG

Most historical events had occurred on the Island long before my time, and I was weary of the stories until I was informed of their true magnificence. My only previous knowledge of these histories was the existence of a quarantine station aimed towards limiting Chinese immigration. Yet there I was, absorbing the newfound information while gazing at the panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

From personal experience, I’ve found that the hardest part of getting away for a whole day, half of a day, or merely a few hours, is the planning process itself. Once that stressful portion has been completed, the accumulated insight(s), perspective(s), and experience(s) are always worth the troubles.

Angel Island State Park is located in Tiburon, CA 94920. Visit their website for more info.

Mineral processing machine. PHOTO ANDY CHENG

Andy Cheng

He was born and raised in Orange County, southern California. He graduated from UC Berkeley, studying political science with a concentration in international relations. In his free time, Andy frequents exercising, spectating eSports, meeting new people, and learning new things.

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