The #1 Brunch Tip From A True Connoisseur

Do a little research and find bars that serve brunch on weekends.

Brunch San Diego
The best waffle ever. PHOTO STORREY LANCE

As the true brunch connoisseur that I am, my friends are constantly asking for my advice on where to go for the best Sunday brunch. Naturally, the weekend is the most popular time to grab brunch with friends and loved-ones because most people are relaxing on their days off. As a result, the most popular breakfast spots are always packed with huge lines out the door and wait times of over an hour. No one wants to wait for 90 minutes on a Sunday morning no matter how good the eggs Benedict is.

My biggest brunch advice is to do a little bit of research and find the bars and/or restaurants that serve brunch on the weekends. These establishments usually have no wait because less people know that they serve breakfast two days a week. This hack works no matter what city you’re in, but I will list a few places in the San Diego area that offer delicious brunch exclusively on the weekends.

Brunch San Diego
The fully loaded chilaquiles at The Local.

The Local

This popular bar and restaurant can be found in beautiful Pacific Beach. They serve surf and turf bar food with their own little spunky twists. For brunch, the chilaquiles are incredible. The portions are massive, and the atmosphere is fun and easy-going. What else could you want?

The Local Pacific Beach
FACEBOOK The Local Pacific Beach 

Bernini’s Bistro

Located in downtown La Jolla is this quaint Italian restaurant that serves up delectable brunch for every weekend warrior who knows their secret. The best thing on their breakfast menu is by far the “Been to Heaven and Back Waffle” (pictured above). It really is to die for. This might be my favorite restaurant/bar to get brunch at when I’m in the mood for something sweet in the morning.

Brunch San Diego
The spread at Backyard. PHOTO STORREY LANCE

Backyard Kitchen and Tap

Backyard is a very popular restaurant/bar in Pacific Beach. On Friday and Saturday nights you can find it brimming with young adults, but on Saturday and Sunday mornings there is rarely ever a wait for brunch. The chilaquiles and the crab & lobster Benedict are both extraordinary. I highly recommend coming here when you’re not in the mood to wait for a table at a crowded breakfast restaurant.

Everyone loves the iconic brunch spots and they are worth going to, but I recommend saving them for a weekday if you really want to maximize your experience. These restaurants and bars serve up impeccable breakfast dishes at a fair price and you won’t have to spend your whole day on a waitlist.

Backyard Kitchen & Tap
FACEBOOK Backyard Kitchen & Tap

There are many other spots like these that serve brunch on the weekends and it’s your job to find these hidden gems in your city or wherever you’re traveling!

Storrey has lived in San Diego for two years and has been enjoying brunch for many more.

Storrey Lance


Storrey's passion for travel has never stopped, including studying abroad in Italy. She's a foodie, vegetarian & loves to bake pies.

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