A Twenty-Something’s Manhattan In 6 Hours

It’s not vacation if you have to get up on time. So, when my alarm clock went off in the AM, it felt right to ignore it until the crack of noon. However, my nap left me with only six hours to explore the island of Manhattan.

Photo: Rishi Patel

12:05 pm: First order of business on Sofie’s big Manhattan adventure in the big apple: eat pancakes (also known as “morning fuel”), compliments of Café Mogador at 101 St. Marks Place in the East Village.

1:30pm: Next order of business: rush out the door to catch the next train downtown. Here’s a nifty tip: use Google Transit or Hopstop.com to get train schedules and estimated walking times.

1:57pm: I met up with my trendy Manhattan pal, Guadalupe, at the Strand Bookstore near Union Square. We picked up some NY postcards to send to friends, because if you don’t send postcards, the trip didn’t happen.

2:23pm: After picking out the best cards, we dashed to the Meat-packing District to the entrance of the High Line Park. The High Line is an above-ground railroad transformed into a park. It is about a mile-long and it runs from the Meat-packing District to Chelsea. The park is lined with art installments, gardens, and tourists (olé!).

Sofia Manhattan NYC 3

4:10pm: Our next stop was Times Square, where we ran into a long line of protesters marching for Taiwanese independence.

4:16pm: At Times Square, we explored all five levels of Forever 21 (because four levels just isn’t enough).

Sofia Manhattan NYC 1

5:05pm: We then stopped by Toys R’ Us. You might not believe this, but there is a Ferris wheel inside of the store. It is not a mini-Ferris wheel, but a full-functioning Ferris wheel indoors. Needless to stay, my mind was blown.

5:20pm: We then dashed to the M&M store to regain our energy with sugary treats. We had a dance off with a life-sized M&M- the sexy green M&M, to be precise. We busted out our best moves to Ke$ha and Pitbull’s “Timber.” The M&M might have won that round, but we’ll be back.

Sofia Manhattan NYC 2

6:32 pm: Our last stop before I frantically rushed off to the airport was Patsy’s pizzeria. Patsy’s is a renowned pizzeria in NYC, located at 236 W. 56th St in East Harlem. We grabbed slices of ready-made, thin-crust, brick-oven cheese pizza. #Instanom.

Sofia John

After living in Costa Rica for quite some time, Sofia developed a travel style that is "expect nothing, embrace everything." She loves Spain. When she travels, she can't live without...clean socks.

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