Why Everyone Needs To Visit The Cloisters In New York…Today!

The perfect morning adventure or afternoon outing in upper Manhattan!

Cloisters Museum New York window
Photo: Amanda Rodrigues

The Cloisters Museum, owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a true European getaway in upper Manhattan (if you can imagine that!). With arches, open gardens, chapels, and relics from the Medieval Spanish Empire including artifacts from Catalunya, Andalucia, France, and the Netherlands, this museum is the perfect morning adventure or afternoon outing. Here are a few reasons why the Cloisters MUST be on your NYC bucketlist!

The Beauty

The Cloisters Museum looks exactly like a Spanish Monastery…because essentially, it is! Completely taken from ancient Europe, the Cloisters are a pristine collection of Medieval art and architecture. While touring, we saw several people seated on benches with open notebooks, simply reveling in the beauty of the place.

Cloisters Museum New York interior
Photo: Amanda Rodrigues

The Pricing

The Cloisters is included in the Met “suggested pricing package” – which means that, although the Met suggests $25 per person for entry, you can pay whatever you can afford. Also, if you purchase a tickets to any of the Met museums (the Met, Met Breuer, or the Cloisters), you get free access to the other Met Museums for the rest of the day.

Cloisters Museum New York art
Photo: Amanda Rodrigues

The Gardens!

Flowers, fountains, and herbs…oh my! The gardens of the Cloisters are more than carefully tended to, they are immaculate.

Cloisters Museum NYC garden
Photo: Amanda Rodrigues

The Food

In the right, outside garden there is a delicious café where you can pause for a beer, salad, coffee, sandwich, or dessert. We recommend stopping by in the late afternoon for a delicious snack and some soothing ambiance.

The Insta Pics

Need we say more? For our instatravelers out there, the Cloisters is the perfect place to up your insta game!


For more information on the location and visiting the Cloisters, visit here.

Amanda Rodrigues


When Amanda is not traveling the world, she is developing her writing skills and working on manuscripts. Her favorite cities are Barcelona, Venice and home!

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