Baoburg’s Chef Suchanan Askornann Takes Us Inside Brooklyn’s Dopest Restaurant

With mouthwatering dishes, chill atmosphere and badass executive chef.

Baoburg should be everyone’s go-to in Brooklyn when in the mood for some authentically delicious Asian bites. Owned and operated by Chef Suchanan Askornann, Baoburg offers everything your favorite neighborhood restaurant should have including flavorful dishes, cool atmosphere and welcoming, low-key vibes.

Chef Suchanan Askornann hails from beautiful Chiang Rai on the most northern tip of Thailand. She’s a high-flier who’s been trained at the French Culinary Institute, worked in the kitchens of Mercer Hotel and Soho House, competed on Knife Fight and Beat Bobby Flay and was named one of “Most Badass Female Chefs in New York” on Thrillist.

After working in her family’s multiple restaurant ventures and creating a name for herself as an upcoming NYC chef to watch, Chef Askornann was ready to start her own business in 2008 when she opened the first Baoburg (which has since reopened in a different location).

Baoburg is the dopest neighborhood restaurant you could frequent if you’re lucky enough to live within the vicinity of the actual neighborhood—which in this case is Williamsburg. It’s small, dim and cozy with bright flowery tablecloths and colorful stools, reminiscent of the street food stalls that can be found all over Thailand. The open kitchen makes the setting particularly intimate, as guests can greet and watch the chefs stir up their favorite dishes, which totally makes it feel like a real street food stand in Southeast Asia. Not to mention there’s a gorgeous outdoor seating area with Christmas lights and colorful chairs, making Baoburg THE spot to go to for a fun, casual night with friends.

Don’t leave without trying the Sassy Noodles, Seared Duck Breast Noodles and at least two of the Baobuns (the Shrimp Tempura Buns were our favorite). The cocktail selections are just as yummy and exciting as the food with twists on concoctions like the Mojirinha and Ping Pong Show. Chef Baobao is currently going through a fun phase with mescal, so look out for those spicy drinks as well.

With mouthwatering dishes, chill atmosphere and badass executive chef, Baoburg is a one-stop spot for a great time day or night. Watch our video interview with Chef Askornann and jetset over to Williamsburg for those delicious buns NOW!

Photos & video produced by Nadia Cho.

Nadia Cho

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