6 Places To Find Authentic Russian Food In Brighton Beach

Explore Little Odessa’s authentic Russian culture and cuisine.

In the heart of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, Russian influence stirs in every corner. Since the 1970s mass immigration from Russia to the United States, Brighton Beach has become one of the most culturally-infused areas for the Russian language and customs. Brighton Beach is the best place to find authentic Russian food, many of the restaurants having that “made by grandma with love” dishes, some restaurants even embody the essence of Russian extravagance. Here are six amazing eateries to take in Russian culture in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Taste of Russia

219 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Taste of Russia
FACEBOOK Taste of Russia

Just as the name implies, Taste of Russia sells a variety of Russian pastries, snacks, meats, bread, and readily prepared meals. Though it is a grocery store, Taste of Russia’s freshly made food reflects upon Russian household staples. Located in the heart of Brighton Beach, the store exudes Russian influence, from grandmas walking along the streets while pushing their carts, to the fur coat store located right next door. Taste of Russia offers an authentic Russian experience in both food and locality.

Ocean View Cafe

290 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Ocean View Cafe, Brighton Beach
Ocean View Cafe, Brighton Beach. INSTAGRAM @don_vasili

Oceanview Cafe, located just 3 minutes away from Taste of Russia, is a Brighton Beach favorite amongst Russian diners. With a large selection of classic Russian dishes, including: borscht (hot, cold, red and green), Perogies, Chebureki, Blintzes, Cutlets, and Schnitzels galore, Oceanview Cafe has every authentic Russian dish you can dream of. Personally, I would recommend the potato and mushroom Vareniki, the beef stroganoff, and of course, the hot red borscht. It wouldn’t be an authentic meal without the borscht.


2775 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Chinar, Brighton Beach
PHOTO don_vasili

Chinar is one of those restaurants that you either enjoy in the evening for a family party, or for a formal yet “casual” dinner. This upscale Russian restaurant promises the full experience, from live singers performing your favorite European club songs, to the seemingly endless amounts of lox and meat. Chinar is a place to wine, dine, dance, with a set-up that allows easy mingling between diners. For a night spent enjoying all aspects of Russian-style partying, I would highly recommend Chinar.


813 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Stolovaya. INSTAGRAM @khushandoj

Move over grandma, there’s a new home-cooked restaurant in town! Stolovaya is your one stop to the real, home-cooked Russian food indulgence! Most of the dishes, though already hearty, have relatively hearty portions. The restaurant has an overwhelmingly Soviet vibe, red and gold hammer and sickles everywhere, yet that should not act as a deterrent for American customers. Stolovaya provides both English and Russian menus, allowing even the most nervous customer some ease. While the stroganoff is great, the stuffed cabbage is even better! Stolovaya is the place to go when you need some yummy food that tastes like it was made with grandma’s love (though nothing can compare to grandma’s cooking.)

Sweetspot Cafe

2376 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Sweetspot Cafe, Brooklyn
Sweetspot Cafe, Brooklyn. INSTAGRAM @olesiadudinska

Sweetspot Cafe is a hidden gem among Russian restaurants in Brooklyn. Located just a few minutes from Brighton Beach, Sweetspot Cafe is a perfect for either getting a quick dinner or having a full-on 14-person party. The food is incredible, it serves a vast variety of classic Russian salads, hot and cold. But the meat options make the restaurant really shine. As its name suggests, Sweetspot’s desserts are also amazing. With beloved Russian favorites, including: Napoleon cake, Syniki, and Ponchiki. This is the place for those with a sweet tooth and a hungry belly.

Daniella Fishman


Daniella is an NYC born adventurer with a love of traveling, writing, eating, and rollerskating. Dani is passionate about supporting local communities and exploring everything from bustling city life to quiet woodland retreats. There is an adventure around every corner if you open your eyes and mind to it.

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