3 Casual Vegan Restaurants In New York You Must Try

No more ordering salads when going out with friends.

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Have you ever traveled to another state, and there weren’t many vegan-friendly options? Though many fast-food chains and restaurants are more inclusive by adding plant-based food items, it can still be hard to order something tasty. For example, let us say you’re traveling somewhere down south for a vacation, the vegan options usually available don’t taste the best and probably will consist of the dreaded plain salad and black bean burger. One of the best things about visiting New York as a vegan is the state’s wide variety of herbivorous eateries throughout the five boroughs. These are the top three vegan restaurants you should try when visiting the Big Apple.

Urban Vegan Kitchen

41 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014

Urban Vegan Kitchen
Photo by @urbanvegankitchen on Instagram

I would say this is the best vegan restaurant I have visited on West 4th street in Manhattan. The most important thing about restaurants during this time is implementing CDC instructions. Urban Vegan Kitchen has done a great job at following the rules and making its customers feel comfortable. If you decide to do outside dining, you will sit near illuminating red lights with a heater above during the chillier months. When ordering, you have to scan the barcode lamented on the table to check out the menu and pay. With so many options to pick from, my go-to is the buffalo seitan wings with cashew macaroni. The quality of the dishes is fantastic, and the vegan alcoholic drinks are exceptional. On top of that, a live DJ comes every weekend and plays Neo-Soul music and jazz. Fun fact: it is owned by a Black female.

Screamer’s Pizzeria

685 Franklin Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11238

Screamer's Pizzeria
Photo by @screamerspizzeria on Instagram

One of my favorite spots to get vegan pizza is in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Because of the pandemic, I usually order from its website then pick up in-restaurant. Now that NYC dining is open, I prefer to dine in so I can indulge in 1950’s design themes displayed throughout the Screamer’s Pizzeria. The music played consists of top 40 pop songs, while the quality of the pizza is fantastic as well. I usually order the Napoleon Dynamite pizza with seitan wings, and it is a must-try. When taking your non-vegan friends, remind them that what they’re eating is all vegan because it is so good that they will forget.

Amituofo Vegan Cuisine

19 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Photo by @amituofovegancuisine on Instagram

If you ever wanted to see Bushwick’s graffiti and hippie-inspired environment, Amituofo is the place to go. When first entering this restaurant, you will see lots of Asian/Hip-Hop mixture of art throughout the walls. You can order online, by QR code, or in the restaurant. My favorite dish on the menu is General Tso’s “chicken” with kimchi on the side. I suggest you order the coconut shake. It has the perfect amount of sugar and coconut meat that compliments any meal you may order. The food quality is out of this world, and the customer service is fabulous. Fun fact: Amituofo means infinite/boundless light.

Malik Brizan-Reed

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Malik is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He loves vegan cuisine and roller skating. Writing about Caribbean culture and the countries he visited is a passion of his. It’s essential for him to inspire others through his art.

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