Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish! One Meal A Day In South Beach

We embodied this young, ambitious mentality while, quite literally, staying hungry.  

cheeseburger baby miami florida

In Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to the Stanford graduating class of 2005, he memorably wished for the students to “stay hungry, stay foolish.” Towards the end of the spring break trip four friends and I took to Miami last year, we jokingly summarized our experience with these words. During the trip, one of the best weeks of my life, this phrase mirrored our attitudes and reality in more ways than one.

Jobs gave this advice in the context of constantly seeking opportunity without foregoing a little healthy recklessness. We embodied this young, ambitious mentality while, quite literally, staying hungry. We were five students on a budget. As we reserved much of this budget for the Miami nightlife, this served for an allowance of about one meal a day. Luckily, we found some quirky places to eat that satisfied our hunger and fueled our adventures.

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The oldest burger joint on South Beach, Cheeseburger Baby provided us with a taste of the local vibe and appetite. We wandered through the open door of the dimly lit restaurant to witness both Miami natives and tourists slowly enjoying their meals. We similarly relished our food, with nothing to do except appreciate the quality of the burgers, fries, and lighthearted ambiance of the joint. The Cheesebuger Baby employees supplemented this vibe by poking fun at the Five Guys burger spot staring at them across the street; unabashedly written on the back of their shirts was: “It shouldn’t take Five Guys to make a Cheeseburger, Baby.” The comfortable feel of the restaurant gave us a peek into South Beach living.

Tucked away in an alley off Collins Avenue, a couple of our friends happened upon La Sandwicherie. The cozy, open-air sandwich shop, only slightly bigger than a food truck, was a delicious, healthy, and affordable option. The hearty salads and sandwiches left us markedly full, and ready to embrace our taxing days of lying on the beach. Open 8am-5am, this local favorite was a lovely spot to come to at any time of the day, in any state of mind (hungry, foolish, etc). For us, La Sandwicherie delicately combined sustenance and atmosphere for an addictive, good experience.

Thankfully, despite scant funds, our stories from Miami are laced with incredible memories of both adventure and flavor. And I’ve found that most everything tastes better when you’re with good company.

Article written by Bana Hatzey.

la sandwicherie miami florida

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