4 Reasons To Visit Wrigley Field Even If You Aren’t A Baseball Fan

In Chicago, baseball is a state of being.

Wrigley Field Chicago

Every city looks to claim the title of World Series Champs in major league baseball, but when that opportunity is missed why not go after the title for best ballpark? In Chicago, baseball is a state of being. With both the Cubs and the White Sox there’s always a game to catch and while you may not be a baseball fan a trip to Chicago’s Wrigley Field is a must.

The Curse

Cubs fans are probably the most dedicated baseball fans around. While some baseball teams hold their fans attention due to constant wins, the Cubs fans remained loyal even through a slump that lasted for decades. The Chicago Cubs were not always the successful team that they are today as 2016 marked their first World Series appearance in 71 years and their first World Series win in 108 years. Many lend this drought to many curses that fell upon the Cubs, but the most famous is the curse of the Billy Goat.

Wrigley Field Chicago
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In 1945, the Cubs last World Series appearance, Billy Sianis a local resident and owner of Billy Goat Tavern attempted to buy tickets for himself and his goat Murphy. However, the ushers forbade Billy and Murphy from entering Wrigley Field to watch Game 4 of the World Series as animals were prohibited from entering the stadium. That alleged night Billy exclaimed, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.” The Cubs went on to lost the series to the Tigers and did not go on to appear in the World Series again until 2016.


Day or night N. Clark Street, W. Addison Street, and N. Sheffield Ave, otherwise known as Wrigleyville, are always buzzing with people. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a bite to eat before a home game, or you need fans to watch an away game with Wrigleyville has it all.

One of the best spots to take in the exciting and energetic vibes of Wrigleyville is Murphy’s Bleachers. Part bar and part rooftop baseball stands Murphy’s is the perfect spot on game day. While you won’t experience the inside of Wrigley Field Murphy’s bleachers provide the same excitement of the ballpark while already being in a bar for post game victory celebrations.

Park History

Wrigley Field is baseball’s second oldest ballpark where fans flock to see the infamous ivy covered walls, the Wrigley Field marquee at the home plate entrance, and the hand-operated scoreboard.

There has said to be magic in the ivy, or maybe that’s because balls mysteriously disappear all the same it paints a distinctive image for Wrigley Field. Planted in 1937, the ivy has since taken over the once brick wall and turned it into a lush backdrop and often an easy double. For any ball that enters the ivy that cannot be found the batter automatically gets to advance to second base while the outfielder remains puzzled as to how the ball could so easily disappear into the sea of ivy.

Placed high above the center field bleachers is one of only two remaining manually operated scoreboards in Major League Baseball. While a new digital scoreboard has been installed the manual scoreboard is still operated and keeps score for the Cubs game along with eleven other games that are occurring simultaneously both in the National and American leagues.

Wrigley Field Chicago
Photo by: Sarah Hoskins

The Fans

Every team in baseball will claim to have the best fans, but Cubs fans have always remained loyal. Celebrity Cubs fans include Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, and John Cusack who often come out to sing “Take me out to the ballgame” for the seventh inning stretch. Cubs fans can now be spotted everywhere as their pride is showing stronger than ever since the World Series win.

Wrigley Field Chicago

Cubs hats are often found out of state, Cubs W flags are being flown at national monuments and atop mountains much like Flat Stanley. But the best part about being a Cubs fan is singing “Go Cubs Go” after a win surrounded by 48,000 of your closest friends.

Emma is a Chicago native. 

Emma Hoskins


Emma is a Chicago native currently studying environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon. You can typically find her going on spontaneous road trips, eating good food or hiking.

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