3 Most Popular Boston Neighborhoods For Millennials

Opting over more expensive cities for work or education.

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For millennials moving to the east coast, Manhattan is often the first city that comes to mind. Boston, however, offers a lot of the same opportunities without the hefty price of living. More and more, millennials are opting to move to Boston over more expensive cities, whether it is for work or education, and the Boston real estate market has been thriving more than ever.

Here are three of the most popular Boston neighborhoods for millennials!

1. Beacon Hill

Historic Beacon Hill is known to be one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Boston, and for good reason. Named after the former beacon that sat atop the hill to warn residents of an invasion, Beacon Hill gained its coveted status after its famous row houses and mansions were built during the 19th century, and since then the neighborhood has been a hotspot for young professionals and students. The Massachusetts State House is also located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, solidifying its historic status.

2. Brighton

Formerly known as “Little Cambridge,” Brighton is home to many Boston University and Boston College students because of its reasonable cost of living and demographic of young professionals. Brighton has a reputation for attracting artsy, young people and being a little “edgier” than other Boston neighborhoods. The streets of Brighton are lined with quaint little cafes, restaurants and shops, making it the perfect neighborhood for millennials.

3. Cambridge

Cambridge is perhaps one of the most millennial-dense neighborhoods in Boston, due to the fact that it’s home to one of the most prestigious Ivy League institutions in the country, Harvard University. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is also located in Cambridge, and the area as a whole is crawling with intelligent young people. Cambridge is definitely the hub for millennials seeking an Ivy League education in an area that’s safe, while still having access to everything Boston has to offer.

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