A Lifestyle Blogger’s Night Guide In London

Regardless of which day in the week, you may run into lifestyle blogger Adriana Kupresak out and about in London.

Looking sophisticated, you may catch Adriana Kupresak with a colorful cocktail in hand or fine dining in the newest hotspot in the city. When it came to barhopping recommendations in a ginormous city like London, we had to ask her. Follow her list, your London experience just got a lot more glamorous.

1. Sketch Gallery, Mayfair

9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG, United Kingdom (map, website)


Known for its fine cocktails and luxurious Michelin star dining room, Sketch Gallery is a staple within London’s barhopping and dining district. Sectioned off into several rooms, begging for your social media attention, Sketch is set to get you into selfie-mode as you make your way to their futuristic bathrooms. Even if you’re a self-confessed anti-selfie taking human being, you won’t be able to help yourself—and the same goes for another round of cocktails. I recommend ‘Let’s talk About Passion’ in The East Bar.  It is no wonder Sketch is one of London’s most instagramed venues.

2. Salvatore’s Bar, Playboy Club Mayfair

14 Old Park Ln, London, UK W1K 1ND, United Kingdom (map, website)

A sophisticated and swanky venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair Millionaire District, Salvatore’s Bar will charm you from the moment you step past the ‘museum cabinet’, which contains more than £1 million (more than $1.5 million) worth of vintage liquor. I’ve got your attention now, right? Salvatore Calabrese is no stranger to the spotlight and neither is his collection of some of the world’s finest liquors. I recommend the 1937 Veuve J. Goudoulin Vintage Armagnac from France and for £150 ($230) a glass I can guarantee it will be the slowest round of your life. Enjoy!

3. The May Fair Bar, Mayfair

Stratton St, London W1J 8LT, United Kingdom (map, website)


Just a stone’s throw away from Green Park and located in the heart of London’s Luxury Quarter, The May Fair Bar is London’s most impressive martini bar. With their own collection of signature martinis, this bar is also one of the few in the city to sell Dom Pérignon by the glass—what a statement of confidence! Next thing you’ll hear is that they’re serving Gläce luxury ice cubes. Home to the stiffest gin-based cocktail I have ever tried in my life, ‘The Signature’ reaffirmed the fact that maybe I don’t actually have a drinking problem. For something a little softer on the taste buds, ‘My Sour Lady’ is a better alternative. Cocktails start from £14 ($21).

4. Barts, South Kensington

Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DW, United Kingdom (map, website)


One of those places that operate on a ‘find-me-if-you-can-and-give-me-a-password’ type of schemes—yes, they really do exist. Barts is simply a room the size of a typical London apartment, full of men and women eager to throw their hands up in the air and party ‘til the lights come on. Despite the noise and shoving around in such a tight place, this is easily forgiven with the exceptional service from staff and quality cocktails. I recommend arriving early, and if possible begin your night here because once it gets full, the air of obnoxiousness from Chelsea’s IT crowd could soon have you running out of your own breath. ‘Poisonous cocktails’ reside here (you’ve been warned) as they have a reputation to uphold. I don’t come here looking at the menu, I simply ask the bar staff to freelance the best cocktail they’ve ever made and they always deliver.

5. Goat, Chelsea

333 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9QL, United Kingdom (map, website)

A gorgeous evening to be sipping rose outside #goatchelsea #goatlife #yourfavouritelocal

A photo posted by GOAT (@goatchelsea) on

Predominately known for its fine Italian food, you’d be surprised to hear about Goat’s Secret Chelsea Prayer Room, where connoisseurs of fine liquors come to life and play. Hidden somewhere within Goat with access only granted by an ever-changing code, it’s dark and intimate, perfect for a glass of aged brandy. With over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge, Goat’s cocktail menu is carefully curated and undeniably impressive. Rum-laced cocktail ‘The Goatfather’ is highly recommended in this popular Chelsea hangout.

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Adriana Kupresak

Adriana calls Croatia home, but her favorite city is no doubt Barcelona. Her travel style is a "connoisseur of new experiences, minimalist, no fuss and often with a hint of luxury." She can never travel without her camera.

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