Finding The Best Alternative & Luxury Experiences In London

Find out new ways to seek out the experiences you’ve always wanted.


London has no shortage of things to do, places to see, food to eat, and drinks to drink, but if you have done a lot in the city it can begin to feel like you’ve done it all. Well you’re probably wrong about that. There are many wonderful things that London has to offer when it comes to alternative and luxury experiences. Whether you want to get intimate with culture or want to find the nicest spa around, London can offer you what you want. Read below to find out new ways to seek out the experiences you’ve always wanted and the ones you never knew you did.

Read Luxury Magazines

One of the most consistent ways to find luxurious experiences is to read a magazine that focuses on luxury in London. These platforms can cover everything from the finest hotels, spas, restaurants, and bars to the experiential art scene to luxury foraging and hunting activities outside the city. Reading a magazine that focuses on London can provide new ideas to old activities. If you’re looking for antiques, fine leather shoes, the smoothest cognac, or simply a place to have a five-star meal, luxury magazines can show you to a world you never knew existed.

Receive a Newsletter

Magazines usually send out newsletters on the best luxury activities, but if you can get on an exclusive one there will be even more experiences and alternative things to do. Reading a newsletter is a fantastic way to get to know the style of the people who are sending it out. You can ask them specific questions and learn about new ways of spending your heard-earned money.

Follow Social Media Influencers

Nobody represents luxurious trends like social media influencers. By following influencers who are based in London, you can see what is hip and what is expensive. They will likely document their unique experiences in the city. Specific influencers have their own interests and tastes. Following the people who are similar to you in this regard can be a great way to find new activities and alternative experiences.


Use Interactive Sites

City websites and other platforms can provide an interactive way to search for things to do. You will be able to take a look at specific stores like book stores that have old and rare copies. They will take you to the shopping district to find what you want. There are spas and health centres you won’t hear about unless you’re searching on an interactive site. Want the finest chocolates? No problem. Interested in finding the right cruise on the Thames? There are many options. Whatever it is you’re looking for, even if you don’t know yet, can be found on sites that provide interactive ways to search for new things.

Take an Interest in Arts & Culture

London has a lot of art and culture. When you dive into these worlds, you will discover events and activities that can provide joy and wonder. There’s a festival for just about everything these days. Feel fulfilled by taking an interest in something you don’t know much about. When you’re looking for unique experiences, getting into esoteric topics can provide the path that you need. According to the site MoneyPug, which is often used to search for cheap holidays, taking an interest in specific topics can make your reasonably priced activity feel as luxurious as more expensive things. It’s all about your mindset.

Subscribe to YouTube Channels

Whether you are looking for something specific or want to find something new, YouTube channels can provide interesting and unique things in London. Learn about trendy chefs and restaurants, or look for one-off destinations in the city. YouTube will show you what you want before you know you want it. Take advantage of this when you are looking for alternative and luxurious activities in the city.

It doesn’t matter what you’re into, London has it. Things you have always wanted and things you never knew you needed are at your disposal. All you have to do is reach out take it. Deciding on the luxurious or alternative experience has never been easier than it is today.

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