10 Reasons Why You Should Choose England For Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon is the most anticipated time after you tie the knot. The primary aspect of your honeymoon is your significant other, but spending it in a beautiful location is just as important.

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England is infamous for its rainy weather. However, the weather is actually delightfully unpredictable. Summers in the United Kingdom are generally dry and hot, especially in the past few decades.

From beautiful snow-capped mountains to stunning sandy beaches, England has some of the most exceptional and lavish honeymoon destinations in the world. Why not get your perfect honeymoon photos with the Peak District or the Seven Sisters as your backdrop?

Here are ten reasons why you should choose England for your honeymoon.

1. Visit The South-westerly County of Cornwall

Cornwall has been booming with tourism and holiday vibes thanks to its beautiful location. The three-hundred-mile coastline is home to stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, and hidden coves.

What about romantic views? Those are plentiful in the long stretches of sun, sea, and sand.

The beach at Bossiney Haven is located in the heart of historic Tintagel and Boscastle. This concealed cove is easily overlooked due to its location beneath towering cliffs.

Beautiful wedding photos can be taken at Elephant Rock, named for its resemblance to a drinking elephant. The cove disappears during high waves, but at low tide, it expands into a vast area of sand that connects to neighboring Benoath Cove.

UK coastal resorts are self-catering accommodations and adorable little hideaways for couples. Some provide romantic activities, including sunset soaks in cliff-top hot tubs, natural pools, and spas with a glass of champagne.

2. Explore the Lake District

The scenery in the Lake District is breathtaking. Glistening lakes framed by towering peaks, the Lake District is a must-see for adventurous honeymooners who enjoy the great outdoors as well as comfortable cottages and delicious food.

Inspired by legends like Wordsworth and Coleridge, the area beams with love. England’s biggest national park was recently awarded by UNESCO World Heritage.

There is plenty to do here for active couples. You and your spouse can go on long hikes and enjoy water sports and mountaineering.

For more intimate honeymooners, a wide variety of romantic activities are available. You and your partner can go on a shopping spree around the town. Art galleries such as the Windermere are open for romantic dates.

Romantic boat rides along the vast lakes surrounded by towering mountains and stunning landscapes will have you gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. You can also try out a couple of spas in the area.

3. Tour the Charming World of Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are home to the most idyllic villages. Take your partner on a magical honeymoon in the glorious countryside of England.

The scenery is fairytale-like, with hills and valleys carpeted in green grass.

The Cotswolds are synonymous with the pretty honey-hued cottages and churches that characterize the region’s enchanting villages and towns. The renowned Cotswold stone, coming from ancient limestone, is responsible for the color.

There are many sites to see around the Cotswolds. You can go to the Broadway Tower, which has a stunning view of the area or take a romantic stroll through Slaughter, a sleepy, traditional village.

Westonbirt Arboretum is an ideal location for dreamy photographs for nature lovers. It is regarded as one of the best arboretums in England, with 15,000 tree samples from around the world.

You can also go on foot or bike trails in the Cotswolds Water Park.

4. Drop by Northern England’s County of Northumberland

Northumberland is a quiet place with a vast number of beaches. It is one of the least populated areas of the country, making it ideal for relaxation and unwinding.

The huge expanse of sandy beaches is perfect for intimate walks. You and your partner will be able to enjoy the sun and wind on a secluded shore as if you’re at a private beach.

There are acres of moor-filled forest lands and hillsides, which are breathtaking to look at with the love of your life.

If you or your partner are into golfing, you can visit Alnmouth for beachside golfing or Dunstanburgh Castle Golf Club with a view of the castle.

The county is filled with castles built in the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries. While on your honeymoon, you can absorb some British history.

The flora and fauna of Northumberland spread over wide areas. The gardens of Northumberland house snowdrops, daffodils, rhododendrons, and roses within its water-featured, walled arboretum.

5. Dive in Love With Devon

The county of Devon is famous for its coastlines. It offers everything from long, sandy beaches to hidden pebble coves surrounded by high cliffs.

The area packs outstanding natural beauties, including two gorgeous coastlines and national parks.

The Valley of the Rocks is a scenic U-shaped valley where you can hike up the jagged cliffs for stunning views of the Celtic Sea. If hiking is too hectic for your honeymoon, visit the Dartmoor National Park. The park offers horseback riding and canoeing through the picturesque view of Devon.

You can reminisce about the unforgettable moment of your honeymoon in Exeter Cathedral. The Anglican church has the longest continuous concave ceiling in England. As you sit through one of four public masses held every Sunday, you will feel a spiritual connection with your partner.

6. Fall for the Beauty of Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a unique destination for honeymooners because of its wonderful mix of ancient towns and cities, as well as the countless miles of national park within its borders.

The county can create a memorable mini-moon experience if you enjoy the lovely moors, beautiful green valleys, spectacular coastlines, or the friendly welcome of its people.

There are a plethora of romantic activities to do together.

Visit York Minster or better known as ‘The Heart of Yorkshire.’ It is a church for die-hard romantics to wander around and kiss under The Heart for eternal love.

You can even enjoy a luxurious train dinner or indulge in a spa together. For a secret rendezvous, get lost in the York Maze or Copleys Corn Maze.

Located outside of York are the gardens and fields at Yorkshire Lavender. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon surrounded by the idyllic landscape bordering the flower beds.

7. Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Alderney

Alderney in the Channel Islands is the perfect honeymoon location. It is a less crowded Channel Island close to France, where the summer extends out like a fairy tale. At the last possible moment, it softens into a mild winter.

It will give you a charming and timeless honeymoon experience. The island has a handful of adorable hotels and a few pubs. The hotels are located on a golden sand stretch, and the best rooms are upstairs with breezy balconies, while downstairs, there are lively steakhouses and cocktail bars or restaurants.

A lot of activities, such as cliff-jumping, volleyball on the beach, and rock pooling for wrinkles and samphire, are available for you to experience. The pubs are perfect for a few drinks and sharing a romantic dance in the open, with bare feet buried into the warm sand.

You will not regret choosing Alderney as your honeymoon destination in England.

8. Spend Time in the Peak District

Derbyshire is home to the amazing Peak District. With national parks and rolling hills, it is the perfect getaway from monotonous city life.

Some of the most beautiful countryside scenery in the UK can be found here. The Peak District is perfect if you want to spend your honeymoon just having quiet walks and taking photos. However, it also offers some amazing hiking, climbing, cycling, and caving opportunities.

Pubs can be found just south of the national park. The country pubs have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and are ideal for honeymooners to begin their hiking and refuel at the best British eateries.

The beamed rooms at the hotels have been refurbished in a romantic and calming style, but you will probably spend the majority of the night celebrating in the well-stocked bars.

9. Honeymoon on the Isle of Skye

If you travel a bit south of England, you will find yourself in magnificent Scotland. The country is home to the Isle of Skye, the largest of the Inner Hebrides.

The Isle of Skye has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Rocky mountain ranges, miles of untamed coastline, spectacular castles, and charming villages combine to form an incredible landscape.

This is a land where time stands still, surrendering to breathtaking beauty. You and your spouse can explore its corners and discover 500 million years of history.

Portree, the capital, is the main highlight of the Isle of Skye. It’s a fishing village overlooking a sheltered bay. Portree is intriguing in its splendid natural setting, encircled by highlands and cliffs. The village has lovely honeymoon accommodations for couples.

10. Do Not Miss Out on Pembrokeshire

The UK has some of the most stunning coastlines in the world. England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales are home to magnificent honeymoon locations.

Pembrokeshire is a county in southwest Wales that is home to prized beaches, beautiful shorelines, and Victorian beachside towns. You and your partner can relish a brisk cliff-top walk with breathtaking panoramas of the sea.

After a relaxing beach tour, you can immerse yourself in the history of Carew Castle. Penally Abbey, with its classy coastal style, is an ideal starting point for exploring the area.

England might not have been your first choice of a honeymoon destination, but the UK’s beautiful coastlines through stretches of golden sandy beaches, rugged mountains, adorable villages, and natural beauty will change your mind.

The Lake District and Cotswold will give you an unconventional honeymoon experience for both you and your partner. In Cornwall, Alderney, and the Isle of Skye, you can enjoy beautiful moonlit nights on the beach.

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