Why Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa Is The Sexiest In Bodrum

Bodrum is a major resort destination and thus, which property you stay in makes all the difference in how you’ll enjoy and experience the gorgeous Turquoise Coast. Our pick for a sexy and luxurious stay on the Turkish Riviera is hands down Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa. Sleek and contemporary, with high-end design and excellent amenities, Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa is the top resort to go and get the chic seaside getaway in Bodrum that you deserve.

Mivara Resort sits pretty up in the hills of Gündoğan, a quaint resort town in Bodrum Peninsula. There’s a picturesque bay which provides beautiful ocean and hill views from all sides. It’s an ideal, quiet location in Bodrum with some of the cleanest beaches in the Peninsula. Mivara Resort possesses an enviable slice of clear blue Aegean waters as part of its private beach, along with glittering ocean views from every corner of the hotel.

Mivara Resort Spa
Sunset views. PHOTO NADIA CHO

The design at Mivara from top to bottom is sleek, contemporary and sexy. Naturally calming and sophisticated tones of white, grey and wood follow you throughout the property. Everything is stylish and polished, yet understated so that you can still feel like you can truly relax. Down by the water, white umbrellas and sun loungers give you that Mediterranean riviera feel. Seekers of classic elegance and contemporary luxury will love what Mivara is giving. The sleek but not over-the-top design provides the perfect respite which most of us seek in a seaside location.

The rooms are generous in space and comfortable. Even the smallest Standart rooms start at 37 sqm and come with a large balcony to enjoy sea or garden views. The standard and deluxe rooms all include a spacious lounge area and more than enough room to very freely move around. The Senior and King Suites include ample dining areas and fun touches like a jacuzzi on the balcony and a private sauna in the Senior Suite. Like the rest of the hotel, the rooms are done up in calming tones of white and grey, with all the basic amenities like Nespresso machine and kettle to keep you comfortable.

Mivara offers plenty of options when it comes to recreation and relaxation. The property has both an indoor and outdoor pool, with cute floaties included for the perfect Instagram post. The deck over the water, with the sun loungers and umbrellas, is where you’ll want to spend most of your time on property. From the deck, you can soak in the views of the lush green hills across the way and jump in the sparkling turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The hotel offers a full watersports menu so that you can take advantage of the close access to the water. There’s also a small private beach where guests can lounge on a small strip of sand next to the deck.

A full-service luxury resort wouldn’t be complete without an amazing spa and the spa at Mivara does not disappoint. The spa is a sprawling complex which features a Turkish hammam, ample sauna, steam room, relaxation lounge and numerous treatment rooms. The vibe of the spa is earthy and Zen, with a gorgeous cherry tree rooted in the main atrium and cool Buddhist motifs placed throughout the dimly lit halls.

Turkish hamam
Turkish hamam. PHOTO NADIA CHO


Turkish hamam
Turkish hamam. PHOTO NADIA CHO

There are two fabulous restaurants on property. The first is Amanni, the breezy thatched-roof venue located right next to the water. Amanni is the perfect waterfront restaurant that’s capable of servicing your vacation cravings throughout the day. The daytime lunch menu has burgers, fries (with a mouthwatering truffle option), bowls and smoothies to keep you fed and happy as you lounge in the sun all day. The dinner menu seamlessly transitions into a classy selection of upmarket choices like seafood linguine and rib confit.

Ammani Beach Bar.
Ammani Beach Bar. PHOTO NADIA CHO

There’s also Minami, a high-end sushi restaurant with Scandi-chic décor. Minami is on the top floor of the resort next to reception, where floor-to-ceiling windows showcase Mivara’s impressive ocean views. At night, you’ll see sparkling lights winding around the hills of the Bodrum Peninsula; a view that’s reminiscent of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. The top-quality fish served at Minami is imported from Asia, most of it straight from Japan or Korea, to ensure authenticity and quality. The menu offers a wide range of sashimi, sushi and Japanese plates.

Mivara prides itself on tailored, personalized service. The staff wants each guest to feel like they’re being taken care of on a personal level. The resort is open seasonally from April to October. Guests can come at different times of the season depending on the type of experience they want. July and August are the busiest periods when the resort is full and lively. In the spring and September, it’s much quieter and ideal for couples looking for privacy and intimacy.

Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa is the top resort in Bodrum for sophisticated travelers looking for contemporary, understated luxury. With high-end design and stunning views of the Bodrum Peninsula, Mivara Luxury Resort & Spa awaits with the perfect Aegean Sea vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

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