Late Night Fare: “Took Lae Dee,” Cheap & Good!

This is a survival guide for late night travelers looking for an oasis of simple food at Took Lae Dee.

Bangkok food
PHOTO Doug Sharp

We have all been there, late nights in Paris on the Seine when all you want are some tasty pommes frites, or Soho in London and “where o’ where is that charming falafel place?” Well okay, maybe not Paris. Maybe you were in New York on the East Side, or in Fresno and wanted some nachos. “Where to go? Where to go?” I had the same question in Bangkok. I wanted some great late night eats! With millions of young people, nightclubs and theatres, I was sure there had to be some great options, right?

Bangkok food
PHOTO Doug Sharp

I started hitting up lots of my local friends and asked, “Where can I get a great late night meal on the cheap?” After five or six people, one name kept coming up! “Took Lae Dee,” a café that is incorporated into one of the oldest Thai supermarket chains, Foodland.

I am going to be honest: this isn’t a foodie article. I love foodie articles and this isn’t one of those. It is a survival guide for late night travelers looking for an oasis of simple food that is very inexpensive and relatively tasty.

Took Lae Dee really is special. It is one of the first grocery stores in Bangkok for late night purchases and US-style products. It has a special cultural and nostalgic place in the hearts of many middle-aged Thai people.

Bangkok food
PHOTO Doug Sharp

TLD has a wide range of inexpensive dishes, some you may find quite funny. My friends’ favorites include the American fried rice which is made with ketchup and a chicken drumstick. There are great desserts: fried apples and ice cream, lotus dumplings and custards. Everything you might need after a long night out in Khao San or at trendier night clubs like Bed Supper Club or BASH!

Whether missing a nice traditional American breakfast or recovering from your midnight adventures, this small gem of affordable café style food and service is just what the doctor ordered! Make it TOOK LAE DEE (good and cheap!)

Took Lae Dee is located on: Soi 5 Sukhumvit Road 87 Nai Lert Building. Foodland Supermarket, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Wattana)

Article written by Doug Sharp.

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