5 Places To Taste Taiwanese Cuisine In Taipei (Besides Night Markets!)

Bet you didn’t know what Taiwanese cuisine is all about, until you tasted these restos!

Facebook 山海樓 手工台菜餐廳 Mountain and Sea House

Facebook/山海樓 手工台菜餐廳 Mountain and Sea House

Looking for a good Taiwanese restaurant in Taipei isn’t a difficult task, in fact, there might be far too many options. Besides Din Tai Fung (our #1), you must be wondering where you should go for a taste of truly local flavors. Undoubtedly, most people will direct you to the night markets. While Taiwan is famous for them, there are resto gems that you should absolutely explore. Here are some of my personal favorites, where I would take any travelers.

1. Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, City Hall Rd, No. 45 Basement of Taipei 101 Mall (map, website)

No one ever visits Taipei without stepping foot inside Din Tai Fung to indulge in its famous soup dumplings, or xiao long bao, that have the entire world bowing wow-ed away. So much so that more than 75 restaurants have opened throughout the world, but the best tasting locations still remain in Taipei (there’s something about the local pork, yum!). There are several locations in the city, but Taipei 101’s location is the largest if you hate waiting in lines for hours. Besides the soup dumplings, do not hesitate to order the shrimp fried rice, vegetable steamed dumplings and shrimp shumais are also to die for.

Click here to read our exclusive interview with DTF’s owner Mr. Warren Yang.

Photo: Din Tai Fung

2. Shin Yeh 欣葉台菜創始店

110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Songshou Rd, No 9, 8th floor (map)

Since travelers may be confused about what exactly is Taiwanese cuisine, Shin Yeh is a great place for a delicious introduction. Taiwanese cuisine is what local grandmothers make, what our parents grew up eating. Lots of seafood (often friend, YES!), marinated meats, and steamed vegetables. At times, it’s a fusion of island food with Japanese or Chinese influences. At Shin Yeh, make sure to order three-spice chicken, fried oysters which comes with dipping salt, rice noodles with pumpkin and braised pig trotters with peanuts are heavenly.

Instagram: floravdree

3. Mountain and Sea House 山海樓

Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Zhongshan North Road, Section 2, Alley 11, No. 16. Taiwan 104 (map, website)

If Shin Yeh is a traveler’s introduction to Taiwanese cuisine, then Mountain and Sea House is profoundly a closer taste of the history and the art of local dishes. Tucked inside a side alley next to Okura Prestige Taipei Hotel, this alluring restaurant showcases a vintage Taiwan on exterior, with a charming terrace as if you’re entering a private home but stepping back thirty years in time. Every dish is made from fresh and organic ingredients. This will be a pricier meal but you won’t regret it after devouring in fried spare ribs, five-topping tofu, and four treasures soup with salted duck egg.

Facebook 山海樓 手工台菜餐廳 Mountain and Sea House
Facebook/山海樓 手工台菜餐廳 Mountain and Sea House

4. Lu Sang or LV Sang 呂桑食堂

No. 12-5, Yongkang St, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 (map, website

A trip to Taipei isn’t complete without a stroll through Yongkang Street which is embedded with adorable boutiques and highly delectable restaurants. One unforgettable eatery is Lu Sang, featuring local cuisine from Yilan – a province on the east coast of Taiwan. Walking up to the restaurant is a corner of plated windows so you can peek inside its small but busy kitchen. Kickstart your meal with a juicy bowl of braised pork rice or lu rou fan, and be sure to accompany the rice with gao zha or deep fried chicken broth – a Yilan staple – along with my personal favorites: sliced cold chicken and sliced pig’s liver. If rice isn’t your thing, order a bowl of Taiwanese minced pork noodles.

P.S. The menu does not come with English translation, but the entrance is lined with tons of photos. So point and order!

Facebook 呂桑食堂


5. TUA

No. 18, Section 3, Jinan Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 (map

Situated in the luxurious urban area of Taipei, literally in midst of residential alleys, TUA was Chen’s solution for hosting larger international guests, many of whom happen to be jetsetting artists. From White Pomfret Vermicelli Soup, Fish Skin Tofu, Vegetable Steamed Chicken Broth, to a delicious bowl of traditional Beef Noodle Soup; TUA delivers traditional Taiwanese dishes jam-packed with robust flavors. If Si Zhi Tang is for the introspective thinker, then TUA is for the bubbly artist punctuated with bold colors.

Flickr Christopher Adams Si Zhi Tang Taipei

Flickr/Christopher Adams

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