DANCE: Top 5 Plush Nightclubs In Taipei

Head over to Xinyi district and don’t forget your IDs!

Updated: December 16, 2019. Originally published on April 2, 2016.

Hailed by expats as one of the best nightlife destinations in Asia, Taipei has a plethora of clubs and bars to experience a crazy good time. People are ready to let loose and dance the night away. The main areas you want to hit up are: Xinyi district especially the ATT4FUN building, and Zhongxiao East Road. Beware: locals and the police do not appreciate displays of debauchery, so don’t be a douche and have an amazing time! TIP! Even if you’re above the age of 45, always bring your ID when going out in Taipei because clubs always check them at the door. 

1. Omnichic & international vibe

Neighborhood: Da’an

Facebook OMNI

Omni is one of the most impressive clubs in Taipei, highlighting EDM and a hefty entrance fee therefore it attracts an older crowd compared to other clubs near ATT4FUN or Xinyi. There’s a 360° LCD panel that encircles the club, along with infinite dry ice and lasers. Many international DJs stop by here for a spin through a premium sound system – one of the best in the country. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars for a reserved table.

2. KORbest high-end lounge bar

Neighborhood: Da’an

KOR Taipei
Facebook KOR Taipei

In the same building as OMNI, KOR is the city’s poshest lounge bar/club where you’ll find Taiwanese socialites and traveling expats. Also embodying one of the best sound systems in Taipei, the music is pretty much everything except for EDM. KOR is so happening that you should reserve a table ahead of time, if not, the bar in the middle has limited seating. This is one sophisticated hotspot, so don’t expect the chic crowd ready for a rave but rather, another bottle of champ.

3. Wave – All you can drink

Neighborhood: Xinyi

Facebook WAVE CLUB Taipei

As the main bar in ATT4FUN, WAVE is the perfect example of “all you can drink” culture that people love about Taipei nightlife. All you need to pay is an entrance fee, don’t lose your glass since you can fill it up with some drinks that are on the house. There’s a massive dance floor where folks are indulging in the club’s EDM playlist. The crowd might be younger, but WAVE is ideal for travelers looking to get buzzed quickly without breaking the bank.

4. Chessbest hip-hop

Neighborhood: Xinyi

Chess Taipei
Facebook Chess Taipei

For really good hip-hop music, you want to hit up Chess since it’s frequented by numerous reputable DJs. Situated inside the NEO19 building, Chess is typically reserved for members. It’s recommended that you send the club a message on its Facebook page. Price point here is more expensive than other clubs in Taiwan and the dance floor isn’t enormous, but it’s worth it if you’re craving for a night of fantastic hip-hop music.

5. Triangle – least pretentious

Neighborhood: Zhongshan

Facebook Triangle

If you want an expat-friendly club that’s super laidback and totally unpretentious then head over to Triangle for a night of dancing fun. The music spans from 90’s pop and hip-hop to R&B, depending on the theme of the night. It’s free entry on Wednesdays, and free drinks early in the evening as well. Despite being far away from other clubs, this is a foreigners’ favorite due to a chill but lively vibe.

Wendy Hung


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