10 Local Taiwanese Designer Boutiques To Shop & Browse

Both genders in Taiwan often wear pantsuits, with naturally simple and comfortable fashion worn at home and at work.

Taiwanese tend to dress according to the latest fashion trends from South Korea, as if they just visited a boutique in Seoul. Taipei is the country’s most concentrated fashionable center, with style magazines flying off the shelves. Overall, locals experiment with their aesthetic and dress according to Northern Asia’s hottest new trends with conservatism but bold designs that are apt for work and a casual afternoon in a café. You can check out more looks in Jetset Times Taiwan Travel Guides.

Shiatzy Chen

Locations through Taipei.


Taiwan’s most luxurious fashion house belongs to Shiatzy Chen, who is often referred to as the Chanel of Taiwan and was revered by Forbes magazine in 2010 as one of the most influential global fashion designers in Asia. Shiatzy is most notable for intricately made garments that integrate Western and Eastern theater with traditional Chinese constructions, including: mandarin collars and hand-sewn embroidery. Silk padded material and lantern sleeves all showcase the meticulous craftsmanship that is often featured on runways during Paris Fashion Week.

Chloe Chen

No. 54號, Lane 161, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Chloe Chen

Chloe Chen is another prominent luxury fashion designer who embodies the modern and sophisticated Taiwanese woman. The most iconic item from her collections is the flower pedal opening heels in velvet shades. Despite Chen’s recent expansion into lifestyle products, she will forever be loved for her glamorous and daring designs that architect Taiwan’s progressive working woman in the office while maintaining a deep sense of femininity and empowerment.

Olivia Yao Jewellery

105, Taiwan, Taipei City, Songshan District, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, 39號 2F

Olivia Yao Jewellery
FACEBOOK Olivia Yao Jewellery

Olivia Yao studied craftsmanship in London, then brought her skills and talent back to Taiwan so she could adorn the contemporary woman who is demure but adores intricate details. Olivia’s earrings, necklaces, and bracelets often incorporate pearls and seashells to enhance a sense of elegance and grace. She even opened a jewelry salon in Taipei, taking accessories into the art form of lifestyle.

Breezi Island

326, Taiwan, Taoyuan City, Yangmei District, Section 2, Meishi Road, 58號1號樓號

breeze island
PHOTO Breeze Island

Breezi Islands believes: “What affects the experience of your journey is not the weather; it is what you wear along the way. And what affects the emotion of your journey should not be the weather; it is what you wear that makes you feel comfortable and proud no matter where you go.” Born in 2015, this label is founded on the idea that technology and smart design can enhance the value of clothing along with our own lives.


號2樓, No. 19, Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Image by @arthousofficial on Instagram

ART HAUS is the epitome of glamorous minimalism. With its designer bags, triangular silhouettes, and unique colors, ART HAUS brings your professional chic vision to life. Located across Taiwan, you can find this multi-brand store combining Eastern fashion with Western trends.

Su:mi Said

SU:MI said
PHOTO sumi-life

SUMI refers to a group of people hard at work, clinging to clothes, and holding their dreams. SUMI puts aside too much modification, where every fiber helps you show your personality. “Beauty will die, soul will not.”

Wo Yiling

wo yiling
Image by @wo_yiling on Instagram

Based in the city of Tainan in southern Taiwan, Wo Yiling is the handmade clothing shop you’ve been searching for. Full of easy to pair, carefully crafted clothes, Wo Yiling is the definition of “never going out of style.” If you’re looking for effortlessly stylish pieces that will make your closet complete, you’ve come to the right place!

0_1 (pronounced linyi)

INSTAGRAM @what0_1did

This company’s natural and uncomplicated style is the result of being your true self. There are many neutral solids and understated patterns with unique cuts and drapes. 0_1 puts fashion design back in the everyday. These items are also made for a traveler’s journey around the world.

Damn It! Vintage

No. 1, Lane 33, Chifeng Street, Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan 103


damn it vintage
Image by @damnitvintageselectshop on Instagram

Vintage stores in Taiwan are a real treat, and Damn It! Vintage is the ultimate time machine. Explore 50s through 90s trends and transport yourself back into the Taiwan of the past through one of a kind clothing pieces. You can look out for vintage designer clothes and casual pieces here.

Raw Eco-project

No. 52, Dexing West Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Raw Eco-project
PHOTO Raw Eco-project

Raw Eco-project emphasizes natural, handmade materials and small production pieces. Wearable art is at the forefront, with many pieces inspired by nature. Raw Eco-Project believes in keeping clothes simple because people are so uniquely complicated and beautiful. Quality raw materials should enhance your natural beauty.

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