3 Of The Best Things To Do In Saint Moritz, Switzerland

Explore Piz Nair, Lake Moritz and the Segantini Museum while visiting the town.

Saint Moritz, an alpine resort town located in Switzerland’s Engadin valley, has several natural and cultural attractions one may experience. Along with Piz Nair, a mountain approximately 10,000 feet high, and Lake Moritz, which is the home of an approximately 3.1-mile-long trail and many picturesque areas, the town also boasts the Segantini Museum dedicated to the 19th-century painter Giovanni Segantini.

Each site provides visitors with the opportunity to revel in the draws that lure travelers into the area each season.

Lake in Saint Moritz
Lake in Saint Moritz. Photo by Andreas Hauser on Unsplash

Piz Nair

Overlooking the Engadin valley almost two miles above sea level, Piz Nair provides sightseers with remarkable views of the Muottas Muragl summit, Bregaglia Alps and regions in the surrounding area. In order to arrive at the top of the mountain, one can ride a series of railways beginning with a train from Chur, a nearby city, to Saint Moritz.

Then, travelers can take a funicular to the Chantarella/Corviglia stations, followed by a cable car to Piz Nair.

Lake Moritz Piz Nair
Statue of an ibex on Piz Nair.  Facebook: Piz Nair 3057 m

There are several restaurants in Corviglia at which one can choose to eat if they desire, such as White Marmont Restaurant & Bar, which serves dishes like “risotto caccio pepe” and beef ribeye, Alpine Hütte, which offers traditional Swiss and local dishes and alcoholic beverages, and Chamanna, which combines breathtaking views and international cuisine.

To descend Piz Nair, one may hike or bike down the mountain, as the paths provide remarkable scenery, picturesque lakes and areas for resting.

Lake Saint Moritz

Situated toward the east of the town, Lake Saint Moritz provides its visitors with an area for a variety of activities.

Along with a noteworthy trail that takes approximately 1-2 hours to walk, one may bask in the area’s surrounding greenery, which includes wildflowers, forest and the nearby Piz Rosatsch, a 10,246-foot mountain.

Lake Saint Moritz
Lake Saint Moritz. Photo by Alberto Bianchini on Unsplash

In the summer, vacationists can embark on a canoe or paddleboard trip to explore the relatively small body of water. In the winter, one can participate in polo matches on the frozen lake, watch an ice cricket tournament that has occurred for 32 years since 1989 and witness the White Turf horse races, which have occurred annually since 1907 and often coincide with music, catering and art exhibitions.

Segantini Museum

Located an approximately 15-minute walk away from Lake Saint Moritz is the Segantini Museum. The home of the largest collection of Segantini’s works, the institution has more than 20 of the artist’s paintings and over 18 of his drawings.

Segantini Museum
Facebook: Segantini Museum St. Moritz

Guests can take a guided tour of the museum and examine pieces such as “Early Mass,” “Return from the Wood” and “Ave Maria Crossing the Lake.” What’s more, one may notice “Il Naviglio a ponte San Marco,” which translates roughly to “The Naviglio at San Marco bridge,” or peruse the special exhibition, “’Life – Death – Life’ – Stephan Schenk in dialogue with Giovanni Segantini,” to explore a contemporary artist’s work in conjunction with that of the Italian painter.

As the institution is dedicated to educating visitors about Segantini’s impact on art, patrons may learn a lot by visiting the 113-year-old establishment.

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