6 Spectacular Markets In Stockholm

Browsing through local markets in Stockholm is an adventurous glimpse into Swedish food, historical, artisanal and vintage culture.

My personal obsession whenever I travel is a long stop at random markets that I happen to stumble upon. That’s the charming about living in Europe, weekend markets are trendy yet underrated. Markets in Stockholm are not as highly acclaimed as the ones in France or Spain. They are, however, equally enthralling. At food markets, you’ll discover a huge selection of fresh produce and tasty gourmet pickled herring, cured meats, artisan cheeses, homemade chocolates and crusty breads.

Some of the city’s best markets are located outside of city center, including: Loppmarknaden Vårberg which is the oldest flea market situated 25 minutes (by car) south of Stockholm, and Täby-Loppis – since täby literally means suburbs – is a “drive-in” market where vendors sell items outside of their cars. If market-chasing sounds like an exciting expedition all on its own, then hold on to this list for dear life.

Hötorget & Hötorgshallenflea market & food hall

FACEBOOK Hötorgshallen

On Sundays, Hötorget flea markets in Stockholm are legendary. Flowers and vegetable stalls that normally line the cobblestone square on weekdays are swapped out by vinyl records, thrifty and vintage vendors since the mid-90’s. Books, pottery, random finds are perfect for treasure hunters. Just a block away from Hötorget, you’ll come across Hötorgshallen – an indoor, two-level market filled with artisan specialties and beautiful produce from Sweden as well as from around the world. Hötorgshallen has been around since the 1880’s, it’s a delectable gastronomical journey as you browse through various stalls.

Hornstulls Marknad – food trucks

Hornstulls Marknad
FACEBOOK Hornstulls Marknad

Head over to Södermalm where you’ll discover Hornstulls market (Hornstullsstrand) then stumble upon colorful food trucks serving cultural bites, from Vietnamese Bánh Mì sandwiches to Mexican enchiladas. Some names to remember: Strömmingsvagnen is a popular truck for herring and potatoes, Gnarly Burger and S.W.A.T. are also high in demand. From April to September, this area along  the Årstaviken lakeside turns into a trendy flea market full of antiques and random art pieces. Dig deeper and you’ll explore creations made by up-and-coming local fashion designers, their unique apparels are just as authentic as vintage clothes you’ll find in the next stall.

Östermalm Market Hall food market

Östermalms Saluhall
FACEBOOK Östermalms Saluhall

Since its inception in 1888, Östermalm Market Hall has been a delectable journey full of sweets, meat and fish. In midst of a Medieval-infused setting, there’s nothing like devouring traditional Swedish treats while leaning against old red brick walls that have stood the test of time. Hailed as one of Jamie Oliver’s favorite markets in Stockholm, many restaurants here are family-owned through multi-generations. Hang out at a wine bar and people watch, there are three floors of new and old eateriess to satiate your stomach and palate.

Bondens Egen Marknad Södermalm – farmer’s market

Bondens egen Marknad Södermalm
FACEBOOK Bondens egen Marknad Södermalm

BRING CASH! Bondens Egen is a small venue but worth every moment. For smoked ham, homemade jam, locally produced cheese and organic vegetables, stop by Söder and Östermalm on Saturdays from August to October (and some weekends in the fall and spring.) This place is underrated, only locals shop here so bring your canvas bag and stock up on local goodies.

Bruno Vintage – thrifty clothes

Bruno Vintage Market
FACEBOOK Bruno Vintage Market

Also situated in Södermalm, you can find another small vintage market: Bruno. If you love to collect thrifty clothing items from around the world like I do, then Bruno is certainly browse-worthy. You can also find jewelry pieces with accessible prices. Since sellers change from time to time, you can always explore new and eclectic pieces. Bruno is known for vintage clothes, but you can also sift through: glassware, old magazines, kitchenware…and so much more. Remember to bargain but don’t over do it.

Skansens MarknaderChristmas & holiday


Since 1903, Stockholm’s Christmas market at Skansens has become an iconic holiday activity for Swedish families and travelers. As the winter snow piles up, you can stroll through vendor after vendor selling spices, hot wine, sausages and Christmas souvenir. The sellers are typically dressed in traditional old-fashioned outfits, while serving up locally-produced dishes. Skansens also comes alive during Easter weekend. For fans of Christmas markets, don’t miss out on this classic must-do.

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