4 Easy Steps To Restart In A New Town

Moving means you’ll have to restart your standard of life.


I moved from Santa Barbara to Orebro, Sweden in November. As much as I love my boyfriend, this small town and I might not be as compatible. Orebro is super small. It’s also dark and/or cloudy 85% of the year, so most of the population spends their time hibernating. Moving means you’ll have to readjust to a new standard of life. Regardless of where your next destination will be, you’ll need to restart. Here are a few ways you can start to rebuild in your new home.

Now that summer is approaching and sunlight is visible, Orebro may have a chance to redeem itself. No one appreciates sun like a Swede and now that I’ve lived through my first Swedish winter, I’m ready to throwback endless glasses of rosé while basking in the summer sun.

The past seven months living abroad have been quite the struggle. Out here in Orebro, not many of the locals speak English very well so I’m actually forced to practice Swedish. This is fun-ish. At times, it does help feel more immersed into society, but at the same time, it also makes me feel like a total idiot. You’ll usually hear me saying things like, “Min svenska inte bra,” or “Ja tack.” If you find yourself going to Sweden, write these down, you’ll need them.

Though this town wasn’t everything I expected, I’m still glad I made the choice to move abroad. I’m learning a new language, embracing nature, becoming more culturally aware, and I actually volunteered to go camping with my boyfriend and his friends for a week. I mean, can you imagine how many bugs there will be?

1. Stay Busy.

Within Orebro I don’t have many friends and my boyfriend travels for work Mon-Thurs. This gives a ton of time alone. This can get lonely AF and I’m constantly suffering from FOMO when scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat. To keep myself from going crazy, I try to do as much as I can. During the day I’ll go to the gym, go to Swedish classes, and spend the afternoon exploring town. Sadly, Orebro is tiny and my “exploring” usually turns into drinking wine and shopping.


2. Stay Connected.

Thanks to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, I always have the chance to talk to my friends. Sadly for them, this makes them totally accessible during my irrational mental breakdowns. When your new life lacks stability, it’s nice to know a familiar face is only a text or call away.

3. Start Fresh.

When I moved to Sweden, I had the opportunity to restart my life, to be the woman I truly wanted to be. At home, I was a software saleswoman. Boring, right? It paid the bills, but it’s not something I was ever passionate about. To be happy, I realized I had invest time in my interests. These days, instead of looking for a big paycheck, I’m looking to fill a bigger void.


4. Celebrate the tiny victories.

You can’t expect life to fall into place, you have to create a life for yourself. This process, will take time. Every small victory is worth celebrating. It took me nearly three months to ride public transportation alone in Sweden. Once I successfully completed my first trip, my friends and I celebrated with a bottle of Veuve. I can’t tell how much easier my life is now that I can actually get from point A to point B on time. What a concept.

Rebekah Black


Rebekah is a 23-year-old California girl living and working in Sweden in the software industry. Her favorite country is Italy, and loves secluded beaches, colorful sunsets, exotic food & red wine.

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