Besides Swim & Surf, Here Are 6 Other Must-Do’s In Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Get ready to mix it all up a little on golden soft sand!

Stilt fishing is a dying tradition in Sri Lanka.
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Mirissa is a fun beach town in southern Sri Lanka. I highly recommend it to anyone heading to Sri Lanka, especially if you love water sports. Besides the obvious swimming and surfing, the other unique activities you can do in Mirissa separate this relaxing region from other trending destinations. Get ready to mix it up a little!

1. Whale watching.

The season to go would be from January to April. There are boat trips that take travelers out for hours, such as: Mirissa Water SportsWhale Watching Mirissa, Raja and the Whales, and Whale Watching Club.Prices may vary from 2000-6000 LKR (approx. USD $13-$40.) Note: if you’re prone to motion sickness, this may not be a good idea.

Also, the chances of whale watching by deep diving is slim to none according to locals.

Facebook/Whale Watching Mirissa

2. Snorkeling.

The Mirissa Beach runs from East to West, along the edges of southern Sri Lanka. If you’re snorkeling on the East part near Parrot Rock, pay attention to rip tides and strong currents. The West end of the beach is very popular among surfers, you may meet a ton of foreigners who came all the way here just to ride the waves. Be sure to leave your belongings at the hotel if you don’t want them stolen.

3. Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world from India. It expands upon the balance between the mind, body, and spirit through the medium of Ayurvedic oil massages. Some benefits include: overcome fatigue, strengthen the nervous system, improve eyesight, nourish the bodily tissues, increase longevity, normalize sleep, and instill flexibility. Some places to receive these treatments or massages in Mirissa are: The Secret Guesthouse, Secret Root Spa and Badora Spa.

Facebook/Secret Root Spa & The Secret Guest House

4. Sailing.

Sailing in Mirissa’s beautiful coasts is one of the most enjoyable things to do. Check out Mirissa Moorings where you can rent boats with or without a captain (make sure you have a valid international sailing license.) The company also offers sailing trips on 6.5 meter MiniBee boats that were made in Sri Lanka.

Facebook/Mirissa Moorings – The one and only Commercial Sailing entity in SL

5. Bodyboarding.

Indulge in the wide golden beach and soft sands, Mirissa beach is fantastic for bodyboarding.

6. Party!

When the sun goes down, there’s a great beach crowd in Mirissa where foreigners gather together for a drink or two. Of course, if you’re traveling with family, watching the sunset on a restaurant terrace is a delight and completely peaceful.

Wendy Hung


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