6 Super Useful Ways To Get Around Valencia

Explore Valencia with flexibility and freedom using these six modes of transportation.

From winding back alleys to cobblestone streets, Valencia is an incredible place to explore. Whether travelers are looking for a bustling nightlife scene or that perfect off-the-beaten-path experience, this city has it all.


Walking in Valencia
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Walking to destinations is the most popular way to get around in the city since everything is in close proximity. Grocery stores, shops, and attractions are typically a 10-minute walk apart, which makes it convenient to explore everything Valencia has to offer. With the abundance of sidewalks, pedestrian-only zones in the heart of the city, and pedestrian crossing lights at every intersection it’s safe to walk at any time of the day or night.


Bicycles in Valencia
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Bicycling to destinations is just as convenient as walking, while also cutting down on travel time. Throughout the city there is an abundance of cycling lanes on the roads and in parks to keep cyclists safe. Bicycle parking can be found near or in front of most businesses and residence buildings. Bikes can be rented using rental companies such as Valenbisi, starting from €5 per hour or €20 for the whole day.


Scooter in Valencia
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Similar to bikes, scooters are a convenient way to zoom around Valencia. Electric scooters can often reach a higher speed compared to electric bikes, however, oftentimes without suspension this can result in an uncomfortable rocky ride. Scooters have the convenience of being more slim and lightweight which makes them easy to carry onto public transportation such as the metro or bus, as well as, navigate easily through crowds.


Metro in Valencia
Photo by Marco De Luca on Unsplash

The Metro is one of the best ways to get around Valencia for longer distances or to the center of the city. Ticket options include Suma T1 through T3 which lasts one to three days or Suma 10 which provides 10 rides with no time constraint. On average, the trains arrive every five to fifteen minutes and are rarely late. The system is reliable and easy for travelers to learn how to use.


Bus in Valencia
Photo by Lucas Camarero on Unsplash

Buses are another great way to get around Valencia as they cover most of the city. Bus passes can be purchased in tobacco stores located on nearly every corner. One-time passes can be purchased on the bus for €1,50. Buses have a greater reach than the metro, providing access to more residential areas and smaller neighborhoods. Buses tend to be punctual to the timetable and often come every 5-15 minutes.


Taxi in Valencia
Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

Taxis are a great way to get around conveniently and quickly, however, this is the most costly option due to how quickly the fares can add up. On average fares are between €5 to €25 whether it is from the airport or a nearby destination. Taxis come with the convenience of being available at nearly any time of the day or night. It can mainly be hailed from centric areas, such as the Plaza de L’Ajuntament and the Nord train station.

Natalia Guerra

Contributing Editor

Natalia Guerra was born in Miami and comes from a Cuban background. Aside from her passion for travel writing and culinary arts, she also loves to step out of her comfort zone to live life to the fullest. Her lifestyle is being a digital nomad, working remotely as she travels the world one city at a time. Her favorite country has been Spain for its beautiful architecture and food, which reminds her of her Cuban culture.

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