8 Tasty Tapas Restaurants In Valencia

Explore one of Spain’s biggest culinary attractions in the coastal city of Valencia.

Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, is a culinary gem that is famous for its vibrant food scene and rich history. One of the must-try culinary experiences in Valencia is tapas, a traditional Spanish way of enjoying small plates of food in a social setting. The culture around this style of dish has a fascinating history. It is believed that it originated from King Alfonso XIII who visited a famous tavern and was served a slice of bread on top of his glass of wine to keep the flies away. Over time, a wide range of toppings were added to the bread, so the concept evolved.

Casa Montaña

C/ de Josep Benlliure, 69, 46011 València, Valencia, Spain

Founded in 1836, Casa Montana is acclaimed for its paella prepared using an old family recipe and for being the oldest standing restaurant in the city. The signature dish is Paella de Mariscos which includes squid, mussels, clams, and shrimp in a rich saffron-infused broth. The restaurant owns a hotel called Barracat located above it, with modern high-ceiling rooms prices start at €129 per night. All ingredients used for dishes are seasonal and found locally, so the menu adapts to the seasons to always deliver high-quality cuisine.

Casa Montana Facebook
Photo by Casa Montana Facebook

Boatella Tapas

Pl. del Mercat, 34, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

Boatella Tapas is located in front of Mercat Central in the center of the city. Enjoy classics such as fried prawns, pulpo Gallego, or gambas al ajillo. Alongside tapas, this spot also offers bocadillos, montaditos, paella, and desserts such as flan, chocolate cake, or ice cream. The ambiance is relaxed and inviting, with a wide variety of wines to choose from and friendly staff who always make sure everyone’s visit is enjoyable. There are vegetarian options as well as gluten-free dishes for those with dietary restrictions.

Boatella Tapas Facebook
Photo by Boatella Tapas Facebook

La Blasca Blasco Ibañez

Av. de Blasco Ibáñez, 152, 46022 València, Valencia, Spain

La Blasca Blasco Ibañez is a casual tapas bar that opened in 2017 and is located in the Aiora neighborhood. Don’t miss the volcán de bravas, buñuelos Griegos, or calamares a la Andaluza. The expansive selection of wine and beer to choose from makes this spot an ideal restaurant for a romantic date. As mentioned on its website, “Our intention was to create a different alternative within the complex and varied sector of the hotel industry, offering a fun and imaginative meal and a close and informal but also professional service. The appropriate combination of these two factors leads to our main objective: to achieve the best possible value for money.” La Blasca Blasco Ibañez serves vegan options and gluten-free dishes to accommodate all travelers stopping by.

La Blasca Blasco Ibanez Facebook
Photo by La Blasca Blasco Ibanez Facebook

Casa Guillermo

C/ del Progrés, 15, 46011 València, Valencia, Spain

Casa Guillermo is an old-fashioned tapas bar located a short walk from the marina of Valencia and is known for its high-quality anchovies. This restaurant has proudly been serving guests since 1957. The cozy white interior with high ceilings and colorful mosaic tiles creates an inviting atmosphere for travelers to enjoy their meals. Anchovies are its specialty due to the attention to detail after being caught in the Cantabrian Sea. Each individual fish is desalinated and cleaned manually to deliver optimal flavor and freshness to guests. Other great dishes to check out are the clochina Valenciano (small mussels), freshly sliced jamon Iberico, and the pulpo Gallego.

Casa Guillermo Facebook
Photo by Casa Guillermo Facebook

Arandinos Tapas Valencia

Pl. de l'Àngel, s/n, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain

Arandinos Tapas Valencia is a modern tapas bar located a short walk from the Torres Serranos. The restaurant has a contemporary design with wooden patio tables and steel chairs, and dim lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere. Don’t miss the champinones a la plancha (grilled mushrooms), patatas bravas, and croquetas de jamon. Alongside more unique creations like berenjenas (fried eggplant slices with honey) and pinchos morunos (Moorish chicken kebab). All ingredients are locally-sourced and purchased every morning from vendors in the mercado central.

Arandinos Tapas Valencia Facebook
Photo by Arandinos Tapas Valencia Facebook

Tasca El Botijo

C/ de St. Miquel, 14, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain

Tasca El Botijo is a small authentic tapas bar located in the heart of the city. The restaurant has classics such as patatas bravas, boquerones en vinagre, and russian salad alongside more modern creations like ajoarriero (codfish mixed with mashed potatoes, eggs, garlic, and olive oil). Be sure to check out its selection of beers, wines, or zumos while enjoying the relaxed environment and friendly service. For an inexpensive quick bite to eat in between exploring Valencia’s attractions, this is a great spot to check out.

Tasco El Botijo Facebook
Photo by Tasca El Botijo Facebook

Escalons de la Llotja

C/ Pere Compte, 3, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

Escalons de la Llotja is a classic tapas bar located a short walk from Mercat Central. The restaurant serves calamares, pulpo a la Gallega, and croquetas de jamon alongside more creative options like tartar atun rojo with alga wakame and guacamole (Red tuna tartare with wakame seaweed and guacamole.) Escalons de la Llotja also offers an extensive selection of wines, beers, and zumos to pair with any dish. This is another great spot to dine in after checking out nearby attractions like the mercado central and the Lonja de la Seda.

Escalons de la Llotja Facebook
Photo by Escalons de la Llotja Facebook

El Cauce Bar & Tapas

Gran Via del Marqués del Túria, 76, 46005 València, Valencia, Spain

El Cauce Bar & Tapas is a modern tapas bar located a short walk from the Mercat de Colon. This restaurant was founded by Javier and has been serving traditional Spanish tapas for many years. Its menu features patatas bravas, croquetas de jamon, and gambas de ajillio. Other great options are the Valencian salad topped with tomatoes, carrots, white asparagus, corn, boiled egg, and tuna, as well as the fried egg casserole mixed with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Don’t miss these delectable desserts: lemon cake, chocolate cake, and cheesecake. El Cauce Bar & Tapas also boasts an extensive selection of wines, zumos, and beers to enjoy in the large inviting patio which creates the perfect ambiance to catch up with friends and family.

El Cauce Bar & Tapas Facebook
Photo by El Cauce Bar & Tapas Facebook
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