5 Traveling Hacks For Cycling Through Madrid

Experience the beauty of Madrid on two wheels!

Bicycles in Madrid
Bicycles in Madrid – Credit: Nicolas Vigier via Flickr

People often ask how can I read text messages from another phone and how can I travel fast through Europe without having to waste a lot of time. That’s where traveling hacks come in! When you’re traveling through Europe, you can often find yourself with a shortage of time. And the lack of time is the one important luxury that often keeps you from visiting a destination twice if you really enjoyed it. Every traveler knows that you will have to ration your time much better than anything else.

In Madrid, for example, it’s a unique destination that has many parks, streets, museums and all are equally worthwhile to visit. If you want to allow yourself the luxury of taking in the unique features of the city while on the go, you should try cycling through Madrid. You can take any stop you want and go faster than you would walk around it. Here are five traveling hacks to enjoy Madrid for those speedy travelers out there!

1. Cycling Tours in Madrid

Blue Green Bicycle
Blue Green Bicycle – Credit: Juan Antonio Segal via Flickr

If you do not want to get lost and want a detailed tour of the city, you can hire experts and professionals who can guide you. There are a number of biking tours available in Madrid you can consider hiring.

2. Bravo Bikes

Bravo bikes are a traveling agency that is situated in Madrid. They provide a touring service and the opportunity to go on a biking tour with their bike and advice. The duration of the tours can last a whole day or even as low as three hours. Tourists consider Bravo Bikes to be great in the field and are culturally and exceptionally knowledgeable of the city’s magnificent history. You can be sure that they know what’s good to eat in Madrid.

3. Trixi Marid

Couple Riding Bicycles
Couple Riding Bicycles – Credit: LARS77722 via Flickr

Trixi Madrid is a brand new shop that is always open and available for tours. The very idea behind the shop is to always have guides available. Even without a reservation or a phone call, you can walk in and find yourself a good bi-lingual guide who can offer a nice tour around the city. The duration of the tour can last as long as you can spare for the city.

4. Rent and Roll

Libros Bicycle
Libros Bicycle – Credit: Álvaro Ibáñez via Flickr

Rent and Roll is a touring agency located in the center of the city, near the El Retiro Park. As the name suggests, they offer you their equipment and resources to get you everything you need to have a decent tour. Fold-able bikes, trekking bikes, mountain bikes, scooters and, if you feel like it, skates or even long boards. They offer guided tours that last throughout the day with a meal break at a good restaurant.

5. Streets of Madrid

Libros Bicycle
Libros Bicycle – Credit: Álvaro Ibáñez via Flickr

Madrid’s streets are known to be a hot tourist attraction. No matter where your travels may have taken you, Madrid offers an architectural aesthetic that is second to none. The city streets are often decorated, which is due to the many festivals and ceremonies carried out on seemingly every street, like the recent Christmas market and Chocolate haven. In fact, Plaza de Santa Ana (Saint Anne Square), Calle de la Pasa (Street of the Raisins), Calle del León (Street of the Lion), Plaza del Humilladero (Humilladero Square), Segovia Street, Toledo Street are some of the streets in Madrid you should definitely explore.

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