Madrid’s TopCycle Takes Your Workouts To The Next Level

The first spin studio of its kind in Spain.

Fresh, upbeat, contemporary spin studio and a killer-workout, TopCycle delivers and exceeds on all expectations. After living in Madrid for five months I had fallen into somewhat of a fitness rut. I was ready for something fresh and TopCycle was just the medicine.

When I arrived at the studio for my first class, I was greeted at the front door by TopCycle owner Carlos. Energetic, talkative and passionate about an authentic cycling experience, Carlos is the heart of the studio. Carlos gave me a full tour of the spotless, modern facilities, which include an open waiting room, separate male/female locker rooms featuring showers and changing areas, and, of course, the amazing spin studio! Carlos emphasized that the TopCycle experience is all-inclusive; everything you might need from the moment you walk in the front door, including workout towels, water and hair ties, to a fresh fruit post-workout snack and hair dryers are offered with the experience. However, don´t be lulled into a false sense of pampered comfort. Carlos explained that TopCycle is not like other trendy spin studios seen across the U.S. All instructors at TopCycle design classes to be highly challenging, focusing on working with resistance on the bike, rather than speed at low tension.

Acquainted with the facility, suited-up and mentally prepared for a challenge, I was excited to begin my first class, taught by Carlos himself. I walked into the spin studio. Low light and music drumming in the background set the mood for the class. A floor to ceiling mirror stretches across the front end of the room, where the instructor´s podium is located. All bikes are brand new, top of the line and include control screens that enable you to track your RPM, watts, calories burned and bike gear to maximize your ride. Once the class begins, it’s non-stop for 50 minutes. The class is rhythmically coordinated to music, spanning in-vogue hits to fast beat Spanish pop and electronic from the 90´s, and incorporates upper body movements for a challenging, engaged full-body workout. Colored lights flash in time to the base, creating an upbeat, intense yet fun atmosphere. Throughout the class, fellow riders cheer as difficult segments are completed and favorite songs come on. The energy is elevated and tangible, instilling the feeling of being in the crowd at a music festival (Carlos even DJ´s and creates light shows for some classes!). The course is challenging, but the fierce, positive energy and sense of camaraderie created by the instructor´s coaching and group vibe helps me pull through, and I finish the class covered in sweat, exhilarated and smiling.

PHOTO Alex Baker-Brown

As the first spin studio of its kind in Spain, TopCycle is innovative and hits the mark in combining a superior workout, high-energy environment, pristine studio and local character to preserve an authentic, athletic atmosphere and offer a high quality, cutting-edge experience. For anyone in Madrid looking to shake-up a stale workout routine, TopCycle is the perfect solution to take your fitness to the next level and have a great time in the process.

Alexandra Baker-Brown

From a young age, Alex started visiting different continents with her family and then as a solo traveler later in her life.

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