“I Saw My Aura In Ibiza”

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the summers in Europe for a few years now.

I usually try to visit places I’ve never seen before, but there’s one place I return to over and over: Ibiza.  As the 3rd most magnetic place on Earth, it’s no surprise. While the island is well known for its nightlife and stunning beaches, Ibiza is also a popular destination for those looking to get in touch with their spiritual side.

On this year’s journey I met up with two of my friends, Shay and Alex, who had recently left L.A. to pursue a new life in Ibiza. They gave up life in the fashion industry, and moved into the healing arts. They created the LightForce Center, a place for aura photography, reiki, and quantum healing hypnosis. There is a global shift in consciousness happening, and Ibiza is the forefront of that positive change, Alex explained. Having been there to experience the island for myself, I had to agree.I’d heard of aura photography before, but had never seen the camera, or understood how it worked. As you can imagine, I was filled with excitement and questions when Shay and Alex invited me to get my aura photo and reading.  For those who are unfamiliar, your aura is your energy field, and it can change depending on your emotions and life experiences. The aura photography process involves placing your hands on sensors that measure your electromagnetic field.  The measurements are then then translated onto film as vibrant colors on old Fuji 100 film.  After the first photo, I found myself wondering how easy or hard it would be to change the colors by changing my thoughts or emotional state.

The LightForce Center in Ibiza. Photo: Denise Poole


Alex, Shay, myself, and Seth. Photo: Denise Poole

During my aura reading, Alex was able to identify what areas in my life could use more attention, where I may be closed off, and where I excel and am open.  I loved the experience, and though I do believe that all spiritual readings are open to personal interpretation, I didn’t doubt that what I saw was a true reflection of my energy.

I said goodbye and left knowing that they truly felt at home. The leap of leaving LA was definitely working out for them, they were exactly where they needed to be. Traveling is one thing, but moving to another country is a whole different feeling. I have done it once in my life (I’m Canadian), and perhaps will do it again, but for now, I am happy to call Los Angeles home.  For those of you who have not yet stepped out of that comfort zone, I recommend traveling for at least one month.  It will give you time to take you out of your bubble, and gain perspective on life to discover how you can continue to grow.  So get out there, and if you do choose to visit Ibiza, say hi to my friends Shay and Alex at the LightForce Center and get an aura photo!

They tell you what your aura colors mean in alignment with your chakras. Photo: Denise Poole


My aura photo looked like an angel halo and wings! Photo: Denise Poole

Denise Poole

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Denise is an actress, entrepreneur, traveler & writer for Jetset Times. She lives to create and enjoy the moment, and loves the beach, food, friends and fashion.

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