How Spanish Immersion Programs Can Help You Engage In Spanish Culture

Experience a culture while partaking in a Spanish immersion program.

Spanish immersion programs, which allow one to learn the Spanish language in a Spanish-speaking country, are ways for participants to engage in the culture of which they are a part for the duration of the course. Certain companies, such as AIL Madrid, Spanish Courses Unamuno and EF Tours, offer several curriculums designed for students of varying experiences and with differing objectives. Each provides a unique experience in one of the many cities they offer.

AIL Madrid

With its classrooms located in the Recoletos ward of Madrid, AIL Madrid offers a learning experience close to the city’s center. Providing programs such as General Spanish, Part Time and Spanish + Experience, all taught by teachers with bachelor’s or master’s degrees and ELE certificates, AIL Madrid has several experiences that allow students to learn in an environment in which they are comfortable.

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Its General Spanish program, which comes in the form of intensive Spanish, semi-intensive Spanish, total immersion and long-term Spanish courses, helps prepare students to utilize the language in a variety of contexts, such as travel, business or romance. If one chooses to partake in the Part Time program, they may enroll in the evening, weekend or private courses, each taking place in a relatively intimate learning environment.

One can also learn Spanish and gain experience with art, dance, travel or work if they enroll in the Spanish + Experience program, which provides many courses as well.

Spanish Courses Unamuno

Spanish Immersion Programs
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Founded in 1987, Spanish Courses Unamuno has been offering Spanish language learning and cultural experiences for decades and currently receives approximately 4,000 students each year.

On average, approximately 70 students are enrolled in the school at once, with some coming to its location in Salamanca, Spain, from countries such as Germany, Italy and the United States.

In the company’s standard Spanish course, students ranging from beginner to expert level learners can study communicative, grammatical, pragmatic and sociocultural content 20 hours per week, for as many weeks as they would like. One can also enroll in the intensive Spanish course and learn the same subjects for 25 hours per week, with 5 of those hours being in a one-on-one environment.

If a student would like to learn in a completely one-on-one environment, they can do so and improve their Spanish language skills in as little time as possible by enrolling in Spanish Courses Unamuno’s one-on-one course.

EF Tours

A company offering several language programs, EF Tours allows students to learn in many countries across the world. If one would like, they can enroll in the company’s Spanish immersion program in Barcelona, where they can attend classes in the Eixample district, which is home to the Sagrada Familia, along with many restaurants and boutiques.

Within this program are general and intensive courses, comprising 26 and 32 40-minute lessons, respectively. In the general course, students can learn grammar and vocabulary, improve their research and communication skills and take part in four special interest lessons, which focus on subjects they pick and helping them reach their academic goals. In the intensive course, one can perform the same tasks but more quickly to prepare for academic or professional undertakings in the relatively near future.

Students may also live with a local host the company selects and receive breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday by enrolling in the program.

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