This Barcelona Speakeasy Transports You Back To 1920s

Deli counter by day/ speakeasy bar by night. Secret code, included.

El Paradiso

Ever wanted to explore what the Prohibition was like in America circa 1920s? Look no further than the deli counter by day/ speakeasy bar by night in Barcelona’s El Born district, El Paradiso.

To get to the bar, patrons walk up to the deli counter, whisper the secret code (pastrami or drinks, the bouncer asks) then walk through the hidden door disguised as a fridge. There are dark curtains guarding the entrance to the bar, blocking out noise as to not disrupt the neighbors.

Once inside, the loud bar lights up with beautiful copper paneling, rowdy bartenders and gorgeous drinks. My friends and I had a blast testing all the intricate and well-presented cocktails, with a few of our favorites listed below.

El Paradiso

The Le Peruvien was my favorite drink, served in a sparrow glass with a straw out the tail. It was a pisco sour with a French influence, creamy and delicious. Another crowd favorite was the Mediterranean Treasure, the winner of the 2014 World Class Spain Final. This drink is served in a treasure chest that when you open reveals a layer of smoke and the drink in a conch shell.

The vibe was loud and excited, a perfect fit for me and my friends. For those in Barcelona tired of the clubbing scene, this bar is the perfect balance of fun and class.


Elena Saavedra


Elena is also the face behind Instagram @travel_without_a_passport who vows to try one new food a week. She's traveled the world from swimming with sharks to grabbing a cool cocktail in hidden bar in Barcelona.

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